Palestine elections: Joint list discussions are ongoing

Palestine elections: Joint list discussions are ongoing
Date: 19.2.2021 15:00

In Palestine, which will go to the ballot box after 14 years, resistance groups have completed their negotiations to ensure unity.

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Hamas and the Fatah Movement, which came together in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, negotiated the security and court issues regarding the elections and reached an agreement. 
Discussions are also ongoing between the two resistance groups regarding the joint list. On the other hand, it is on the agenda that Marwan Barghouti, who was held captive in an Israeli prison, is also a presidential candidate. Speaking to the Milli Gazete, Palestinian researcher Mamoun Abu Jarad said that Mahmud Abbas was trying to persuade Barghouti.
Election preparations continue in Palestine, where elections will be held after 14 years. Hamas and the Fatah Movement, which met in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and held talks last week, returned to Palestine by making agreements on many issues. In Palestine, where parliamentary elections will be held on May 22, 2021 and presidential elections on July 31, 2021, the name Marwan Barghouti is on the agenda these days. Barghouti, who has been in prison for a long time, has a desire to become a presidential candidate. Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas is also making great efforts to discourage Barghouti. Palestinian researcher Mamoun Abu Jarad made important evaluations to our newspaper regarding the Palestinian elections.


Palestinian researcher Mamoun Abu Jarad said, "A few issues related to the election were discussed and understood during the talks in Cairo. It was discussed that the Constitutional Court would not interfere with the elections, it was decided. It was decided to establish an election court. The judges on duty will be taken from Gaza and the West Bank. The subject of the police forces was discussed. The Conquest Movement did not want the police in Gaza to interfere in the election. Police forces in Gaza will work on security, and those in the West Bank will work for elections. In this process, Israel usually detains people who carry out Hamas activities. Whoever is active they take it. They do this in order not to allow Hamas to return to the West Bank, to operate. They make threats about the elections, they say, "We will not allow." On the other hand, they don't want people to be involved in politics. They give the message, "We will get those who deal with politics."



Mamoun Abu Jarad explained the situation of Barghouti, saying "The most important issue of the elections these days is Marwan Barghouti." Jarad said, "This name is currently in the Israeli prison. A strong name in the Conquest and a name trusted by the Palestinian people. Barguti's men are also strong in Fatah. Barghouti wanted to be a candidate in the 2005 presidential elections, but Mahmud Abbas did not allow. The same thing happened in the 2006 parliamentary election. Barghouti now wants to get out of prison. He thinks that the only way to do this is politics. If he becomes the president of Palestine, he wants to enter the election because he thinks that the international public is pressured and Israel will get him out of jail. The Conquest Movement wants to nominate Mahmud Abbas," he said.


Jarad said, "Mahmoud Abbas wants a guaranteed election. Abbas wants to be elected alone without any candidates. That's why Mahmoud Abbas is trying to persuade Barguti these days. Barghouti has not yet been persuaded. This issue also has a Dahlan dimension. What does it have to do with Dahlan? Dahlan and Barghouti are names that have worked together and collaborated in the past. Dahlan could cooperate with Barghouti on this issue and support Barghouti as its presidential candidate. Because there is no problem between them, they did not have a conflict."


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