Parents having troubles due to school payments

Parents having troubles due to school payments
Date: 23.3.2020 11:00

The payments of the interrupted education are still collected from the parents who had troubled days due to the virus ...

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Following the emergence of the coronavirus in Turkey, 3 weeks holidays measures of educational institution decision was taken, it is expected to continue into the holiday period. Classes will continue as distance education in primary education, high schools and universities. But for students who are not going to school, paying tuition still makes parents think black and white. Students and parents, along with private primary education, high schools and universities, demand that public universities be stopped.


Private universities usually charge fees in monthly installments. In these days when students are out of school, the fees are automatically collected, leaving parents in a difficult situation. In the critical period, when many citizens have a hard time in the economic sense, private universities are also asked not to take fees by sacrificing. A statement has not yet been received from private universities, which have been the focus of discussions in education for a long time.


Schools' interruption of education did not remove the financial burden on parents. Students pay education to their parents before they leave home and go to school. In private primary and high schools, service, dining hall, and activity fees are collected for students. The fees of services that students cannot benefit from, such as the service fee of 3 thousand liras per year, continue to be collected from parents. Parents are waiting for the relevant authorities to find a solution.


On the other hand, because he studied secondary education at public university, thousands of students who give tuition argue that tuition must be refunded because they cannot go to school and cannot use basic facilities such as refectory. Students who continue their lives with the loans or scholarships they receive from the government, initiate a signature campaign on the internet and demand the return of the fees in the process of having a scarce opinion.
All over the world under the influence of Turkey in the field of educational institutes spread of coronavirus then had been 3 weeks vacation. The holiday in schools is expected to be extended due to the number of cases and the increase of those who lost their lives. It is eagerly awaited whether private primary education, high school, universities and public universities that will provide distance education will pay the tuition fees. Students and parents say that tuition fees must be refunded because they do not go to school or take advantage of the facilities.


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