People declared curfew

People declared curfew
Date: 19.3.2020 12:00

As citizens did not go out on the streets within the scope of coronavirus measures, squares remained empty in Istanbul.

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Historical Eminönü Square fell silent, vehicle traffic decreased considerably. When citizens do not go out on the streets within the framework of coronavirus measures in Istanbul, the squares we are accustomed to the crowd of Istanbul remained empty.
Of Istanbul, Turkey's most crowded spot so empty...
The people listened to the calls and remained in their house
Eminönü Square, which welcomes thousands of people every day, also displayed an empty image throughout the day. While the front of the piers remained empty, it was observed that there were 3-4 vehicles in the queue with the car. Galata Tower and its square, which is full of tourists watching the view from its balcony every day, also fell silent.
No sign from the crowd
Eminönü Square was hosting thousands of people every day. However, when citizens chose to stay in their homes due to coronavirus, the area remained empty. A small number of people are also seen in the area with the famous Egyptian Bazaar, the New Mosque and the famous ticket sales booth with meters of queues at the beginning of the year.
Tail for 3-4 cars ...
In front of the boats selling fish and bread in Eminönü and the bus stops right next to it were also silenced. While Eminönü did not appear to be crowded in front of the piers, the ferry port with cars also got its share. On the ferry port, which thousands of vehicles use every day to change the continent, only 3-4 vehicles have been formed at the ferry port.
Galata tower remained empty!
While Karaköy Square became silent all day long, the number of vehicles passing through the Galata Bridge was too few to be considered fingered. The balcony of Galata Tower, where Istanbul and tourists showed great interest, remained empty. The crowd in the square where the tower is located was far from its old days.


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