People's Alliance begins preparations for local elections

Peoples Alliance begins preparations for local elections
Date: 24.10.2023 13:00

AK Party and MHP are expected to start local election talks this week. The first agenda of the delegations formed by the two parties in the People's Alliance will be metropolitan cities.

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After the completion of the ruling AK Party congress, all eyes turned to the local elections. People's Alliance partners AK Party and MHP are starting cooperation talks before the upcoming local elections. This week, the delegations formed by the AK Party and MHP are expected to come together and work on the local election strategy and candidates.


AK Party and MHP will meet this week to discuss local election cooperation opportunities.
The delegation will be chaired by AK Party Deputy Chairman Efkan Ala.
Deputy Chairman for Election Affairs Ali İhsan Yavuz and Deputy Chairman for Local Governments Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz will also be present in the delegation.
Feti Yıldız and Sadir Durmaz are expected to be in MHP. After the completion of the meetings between the delegations, the report prepared by the two delegations will be presented to the party and its leaders.
It is expected that the chairmen will come together regarding the work in question.


AK Party officials point out that the real debate may take place in Adana and Mersin, where elections were held jointly with MHP in 2019 and lost, apart from Istanbul and Ankara.
Stating that a process will be carried out with MHP regarding metropolitan cities or provinces, AK Party members state that a formula should be found to close the gap of 10 percent in Adana and 5 percent in Mersin.
AK Party officials state that the alliance will continue in Manisa, where the People's Alliance and MHP won.


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