People's Alliance looking for ways to enter the election together while the opposition prefers to enter separately

Peoples Alliance looking for ways to enter the election together while the opposition prefers to enter separately
Date: 5.9.2023 10:00

Turkey has entered the atmosphere of local elections, even though it has been more than 3 months since the general elections and there is only 7 months left for the local elections.

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Despite urgent issues such as the economic crisis, foreign policy, education and earthquake, local election debates continue.
While the AK Party, MHP, BBP, YRP and DSP, which are in the People's Alliance wing, are looking for ways to enter together on a provincial and district basis, separate methods of entering are discussed in the opposition wing.
While negotiations are being held at lower levels between the CHP and İyi Party staff, the cooperation formulas between Saadet and Gelecek become concrete.
In Turkey, where the economic crisis continues to deepen, local election strategies are discussed by the ruling and opposition wing.
While a contentious race is expected in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Adana, Mersin and Bursa, cooperation models are being discussed in the ruling and opposition bloc.


After the general elections, the AK Party, which was reacted by the alliance partners due to the price hike policies implemented in the field of economy, aims to continue its cooperation in the local elections.
President Erdoğan, who conflicted with the BBP and YRP regarding the economic policies implemented by the Şimşek administration, especially the tax hikes, had a problem with the MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli about the increase that should be made for retirees.
Finally, the government, which cannot satisfy its partners at the rate of increase for civil servants and retirees, points to the month of January for the alliance partners.
The government, which prepared raise packages for minimum wage, civil servants and retirees at the beginning of the year, started to discuss local election cooperation models with its alliance partners.
President Erdoğan, who will take the preparations for the local elections to higher levels after the congress of the AK Party in October, expects support for his party's candidate in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Mersin, Antalya and Gaziantep.
While it is stated that the AK Party will once again support the candidates to be put forward by the MHP in provinces such as Amasya, Bayburt, Çankırı, Erzincan and Karaman, where nationalist votes are prominent, as in the 2019 local elections, there is talk of expanding cooperation between the two parties.
On the other hand, while the AK Party is expected to cooperate with the YRP in exchange for some districts in the East and Southeast, on the condition that Hüda-Par is dominant, BBP is also expected to be included in the cooperation.


While it is seen that the disorganization in the opposition bloc after the general elections continues, while the CHP struggles with the "change" debates during the congress, the general election reckoning continues in the İyi Party wing.
Speaking during the congress and finally in Bursa, Chairman Meral Akşener started to give messages that her party would enter the elections separately.
On the other hand, CHP is expected to complete the congress process in order to discuss cooperation models between the two parties.
With the decision of the People's Alliance to enter the elections together, it is expected that the CHP and İyi Party cooperation will be ensured, while the cooperation in Istanbul and Ankara is expected to be made through the candidates.
On the other hand, formulas began to materialize between the Saadet and Gelecek parties. It is among the news that the candidates from the Saadet Party will be supported to a large extent.
It is stated that in order to expand the cooperation between the two parties, elbow contacts with other parties can be made close to the local elections.


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