Political crisis continues in Venezuela

Political crisis continues in Venezuela
Date: 28.1.2019 14:00

Juan Guaido, who declared himself president in Venezuela, reportedly talks with the soldier in order to overthrow Nicolas Maduro.

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Juan Guaido, President of the National Assembly, who declared himself head of state in Venezuela, reportedly held talks with the military wing to overthrow Nicolas Maduro from the presidency.
Guaido made an interview with the American Washington Post on recent developments in Venezuela.
Explaining that he met with generals and civilian officials who were sympathetic to him in order to take down Maduro.
Guaido, the military wing of the personal security concern because of his talks continued in caution, noting that the military attaché of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington welcomed the decision to make a dissenting canada.
Guaido, on the other hand, noted that they were working on the appointment of representatives to foreign countries and that they had brought Carlos Vecchio to the United States, which was known to the opposition to Maduro and took refuge in the US in 2014.
Guaido also stressed that some American politicians also supported his government and said he met with Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, Senator by Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Robert of New Jersey.


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