Politicians need to be embracive

Politicians need to be embracive
Date: 12.3.2021 12:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu spoke at his party's 7th Ordinary Congress in Kütahya province.

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Karamollaoğlu, who attended the congress online, warned political party leaders, "Our politicians in the country should be embracive. Peace does not come to Turkey by declaring people as traitors. How will people who cannot speak be reconciled! We, as Saadet Party, will change this attitude," he urged.
"When political party leaders and people talk to each other, they see insulting each other as an obligation of politics. Especially those in the People's Alliance and those in the AK Party. They see enmity with the other as a safety valve for their future. Such a country cannot be a livable country. The livable Turkey is the first and most important target of our cause. Because if we transform our country into a "Livable Turkey", a "Great Turkey Again" will emerge from here. Saying Great Turkey Again means the step taken for the establishment of a "New World". We are not just for ourselves. We have an understanding that works for the whole human world," Karamollaoğlu added.


Karamollaoğlu, drawing attention to the basic principles of Saadet Party, "When we came to power as Saadet Party members; As we will make the freedom of thought, thought and belief prevail, we will see the establishment of justice as the most important duty. Justice is the basis of property. We will not forget this. The work is not done here. We will initiate a new industrialization move in order to meet all the needs of our country domestically. The country cannot get stronger before the economy improves. We will build the economy on production. Without producing, the economy cannot be strengthened, unemployment cannot be resolved, and we cannot become an independent country. A country that needs outside cannot say I am strong," he said.


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