Poverty limit exceeded 7,000 liras in Turkey

Poverty limit exceeded 7,000 liras in Turkey
Date: 7.6.2020 16:00

The cost of living and livelihood are the first in the citizen's agenda. While the cost of maintaining life increases every day, the load on the back of the citizen, whose income does not increase, becomes heavier.

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Turkish labour union Memur-sen in May compared to the hunger-poverty research conducted regularly every month by the Confederation of hunger threshold for a family of 4 persons in Turkey 2484.01 liras, while the poverty line was determined as 7015.7 liras. 
According to the research, food prices dropped by an average of 0.34 percent in May compared to April. The biggest noticeable increases in May were strawberries with an increase of 40.87 percent, carrots with an increase of 27.19 percent, kiwi with an increase of 24.15 percent, apples with an increase of 13.29 percent; The most noticeable decreases were pepper prices with a decrease of 40.52 percent, garlic with a decrease of 36.83 percent, dry onion with a decrease of 35.47 percent, and green beans with a decrease of 34.13 percent.


It was determined that there was a 1.79 percent increase in transportation prices in May compared to April. It was observed that the most noticeable changes compared to April were the intercity bus fare prices, with an increase of 11.56 percent. In May, there was an average increase of 4.57 percent in clothing prices compared to April. The most noticeable changes in clothing prices compared to April were in dress with an increase of 12.24 percent, women's shirt with an increase of 11.15 percent, and t-shirt with an increase of 10.63 percent.
Cleaning products were among the most demanded products in the epidemic process. The exorbitant increase in these products was reflected in the figures. It was determined that the most noticeable change in personal cleaning and maintenance item prices compared to April was in guest cologne item prices with an increase of 24.95 percent.


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