Pre-Sochi political step

Pre-Sochi political step
Date: 22.10.2019 12:00

Before today's Erdogan-Putin meeting, Çavuşoğlu said, “There is no military solution in Syria. Turkey wants a political solution," he said.

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On the one hand, the Peace Spring Operation will remain on the agenda, while on the other hand, President Erdoğan will pay a day-long visit to Russia at the invitation of Putin. 
Syria will be the agenda of the meeting to be held in Sochi. 
Before the summit of Sochi an important explanation came from FM Çavuşoğlu. 
Çavusoglu, that there is a military solution in Syria and said that Turkey wants a political solution. Cavusoglu these statements mean fundamental change in Turkey's policy followed by Syria.
The conflict in Syria is resolved only politically
Yesterday, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, speaking at a program organized in Istanbul, Turkey, he uttered the words diametrically opposite policy followed by Syria so far. 
Çavuşoğlu stated that efforts to reach a political consensus have started to produce results and said, "What do we want before we talk about the Operation Spring of Peace? Turkey, Syria, what does he want? I'd like to mention this. First, Turkey supports the political process in a very strong way here. There is no military solution. We believe that the conflict in Syria can only be solved politically. As Astana guarantors, we will continue these efforts."
Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who participated in the TRT Word Form held at the Istanbul Congress Center, said: "The world we live in and the era we live in contain a lot of uncertainty. We live in a fast-changing world. Especially in our region, our societies faced many problems. One of the most serious dangers of our age is terror. The main problem is that terrorists are being used as proxies to fight third parties. For example, the YPG is supported by the United States to combat ISIS."
Minister Çavuşoğlu continued his speech as follows: "PYD/YPG strengthened day by day. It has increased its attacks against Turkey. Especially in the north-eastern region of Syria, we saw their activities. Despite repeated talks with our allies, the US, in particular, continued to provide weapons. The YPG/PYD put pressure on many people without discrimination in the region. That's why we started an operation. Trump personally offered to create a safe zone. We took care to work with the USA. But we did not succeed. He did not follow the instructions of the heads of the US Security Administration. And we saw that the YPG did not withdraw. Weapons were not collected. Weapons have been given. When we did not receive support from our allies, we decided to do the operation on our own. As soon as we started the operation, we informed everyone."
Responding to the claims of chemical weapons, Cavusoglu said, "We never used chemical weapons in our history. There are no chemical weapons in our inventories. YPG/PYD has been attacking us since the operation started. Thousands of 81 mortars were thrown into our cities. We lost civilians. These include babies and children. Nearly 200 citizens were injured. We gave 4 martyrs. We broke their game plan. That's why the operation was so echoed".


"A period of 120 hours was given. According to this agreement, all elements must be withdrawn within 120 hours. Çavuşoğlu said, "We cannot live with sanctions. We expressed this during the negotiations. These will also be eliminated. Harassment fires continue and of course we have responded to these harassment fires. We see that YPG/PYD elements are starting to leave the regions we currently control. We have 35 hours left, and if they don't withdraw in 35 hours, the operation will start again."


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