Presidential bureaucracy counting days

Presidential bureaucracy counting days
Date: 5.10.2018 15:00

Although ministers from the ministries headed for the ministries, offices and committees were set up in Bestepe to set up a policy for ministries and execution. After the visit of the US and Germany, high-level appointments awaiting the opening of parliament will take place after the Kızılcahamam Camp.

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After the Presidential Government System, after the June 24 elections in the state administration of the new structures and boards were created and who was asked about how to work. After the visit of the US and Germany, high-level appointments awaiting the opening of the Parliament will be held after the Kızılcahamam Camp. The president is expected to appoint names from former ministers, business executives and NGOs, to offices and boards that have not been appointed.
On the other hand, the Presidential System together with the ministries and the execution of the policy, 9 new boards were created. Committees that will be directly affiliated to the President and are expected to be appointed are the following: Local Governments Policy Board, Social Policy Board, Health and Food Policy Board, Council of Cultural and Art Policies, Legal Policies Board, Security and Foreign Policy Board, Economic Policy Board, Education and Board of Education, Board of Science, Technology and Innovation Policies.
In a period of heated economic and McKinsey discussions in the new system; The state bureaucracy created with the Presidential System is said to be effective by the previous two prime ministers. Vice President Fuat Oktay and former Minister of Interior Efkan Ala. It is not known if support from the international management consultancy company on name suggestions and policies will be received.


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