Prices rise in neighborhood markets

Prices rise in neighborhood markets
Date: 20.1.2019 15:00

The production base of the vegetables in Antalya also drew attention to the costlyness of the market stalls.

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When the products could not meet the demand in Antalya, the prices in the district markets started to compete with Istanbul prices. Citizens shopping in the market, "The prices are very high. Transportation or something different from Istanbul due to inputs, but fruit and vegetable prices in Antalya should be cheaper. For some reason, the prices are burning hand here. There is nothing cheaper than 5 lira in markets," citizens said.
Turkey's greenhouse vegetable production base in Antalya to reflect the cost of looms. Due to the weather being closed and cold, the ripening time of the products in greenhouses has also increased. The low number of sunny days resulted in a decrease in home extreme cold production. On the other hand in Adana, Hatay, Mersin, due to the flood damage of the products on the outer land, mainly lettuce, green onions, arugula, cress, spinach and lettuce in the so-called greenery, a serious price increase was observed.
Due to the lack of product prices in the neighborhood markets in Antalya prices began to compete with Istanbul prices. In Antalya, the lowest tomato and the 4 most expensive tomatoes were 9 liras. Spinach 8, green onion 15, pointy pepper 10, leek 6, broccoli 7, banana 7, cucumber 5, gourd 6, while the bond of the greenhouse of 1.5 pounds to the receiver. In the market, the cheapest vegetables were sold in 5 liras.
Suleyman Darica said that the prices were very high and said, Prices have gone up. I took the spinach 6 liras. 10 liras in some places. It should be cheaper in Antalya but for some reason it is the same price here. We are also eating expensive. Shipping or something, because of the prices in Istanbul is rising prices. There is nothing cheaper than 5 lira in markets.


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