Problems of healthcare workers dominates the award ceremony

Problems of healthcare workers dominates the award ceremony
Date: 30.6.2021 12:00

The awards of the 'Sağlık-Sen' health union 'Memoir, Photography and Short Film Competition' found their owners.

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The award ceremony of the Traditional Memories, Photography and Short Film Competition on the "Epic Covid-19 Struggle of Health Heroes" by Sağlık-Sen health union was held at the Memur-Sen labour union headquarters. While the awards of the winners were given to their owners, Sağlık-Sen Chairman Semih Durmuş called for the rights of health workers to be resolved during the 6th term collective bargaining period.
On the theme of "Health Heroes' Epic Covid-19 Struggle" held at Memur-Sen headquarters; At the award ceremony of the memory, photography and short film competition, the problems faced by the healthcare workers who fought selflessly during the pandemic period in their working lives came to the fore. Health-Sen Chairman Semih Durmuş emphasized that the problems that existed in the 6th term of collective bargaining should be resolved and the working environment of devoted health workers should be improved.


Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Sabahattin Aydın, who attended the ceremony, drew attention to the fact that the war was fought together as a country during the pandemic period, but the real army working at the front is the health workers. Aydın said that according to officially verified information, 7 thousand health workers worldwide have been lost due to the pandemic.
"But we know that we have more losses, the destruction will occur in the coming years," Aydın said.


Stating that health workers are the ones who are the most worn out during the pandemic period, sacrificing their own life for the health of the society, Ali Yalçın, Chairman of Memur-Sen, said, "Health workers made an effort to bring life back to normal. Now, it is the government's responsibility in the collective agreement to normalize their budgets and salaries."
Touching on the problems of healthcare workers such as revolving funds, contracted personnel and 3600 additional indicators, Yalçın noted that it is their greatest wish that the 6th Term Collective Agreement desk be used as an opportunity to solve these problems.
Health-Sen Chairman Semih Durmuş, who made the opening speech of the award ceremony, explained that they made the subject of the competition in order to make the pandemic disease history through the eyes of health workers.
Stating that the traditionally organized memoir, photography and short film competition is held every year by determining a different subject, Health-Sen Chairman Semih Durmuş stated that this year's theme of the competition is Covid-19, "We left 10 years behind in our competition, which we started with a memory and added photography and short film branches over time. The subject of the competitions, which we organize by focusing on health workers, changes every year. The subject of this year is known; fight the pandemic. It couldn't have been anything else. Because the Covid-19 outbreak is one of the most important events not only of this year, but of the last century," he said.


Durmuş, who stated that the health workers will relax a bit during the normalization process that will start as of July 1, said, "Two days later, it's back to normal. July 1 will be the date when heroic healthcare professionals can say 'oh' relatively. I say they will say 'oh' relatively, because healthcare professionals have a lot of problems. These issues are not the issue today. There are many problems such as employment problems, barriers to appointment, lack of employment, violence and compensation, especially wage injustice, which is the most important problem of health workers and the only reason for their professional dissatisfaction."


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