Production stopped at Ilgın Sugar Factory!

Production stopped at Ilgın Sugar Factory!
Date: 23.2.2021 16:00

Production stopped at the Ilgın Sugar Factory, whose foundation was laid in 1976 and is considered one of the most valuable sugar factories in Turkey, known as Erbakan's factory in the region.

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Production at Ilgın Sugar Factory was completely stopped, as the lime kilns, which are the most important element of the factory and working with old technology, have become inoperable. 150 thousand tons of rotting beets started to be transported to other factories by trucks.
Ilgın Sugar Factory, which was founded by Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan in 1976, which is one of the most productive and profitable sugar factories among the sugar factories remaining in the hands of the public, was forced to stop production due to lack of investment.
150 thousand tons of beets, which are in the factory area and cannot be processed, started to be transported to Eskişehir and Ankara Sugar Factories, with a transportation fee of approximately 15 million TL. While there will be serious fleece loss in the transported beets, the cost of lack of investment will be heavy for TÜRKŞEKER.
It has been revealed painfully how justified Milli Gazete was in the call for investment in sugar factories. Due to the lack of modernization investment in the Ilgın Sugar Factory, which is one of the most popular sugar factories in the country, for years, it has become impossible to produce at the factory. Although the campaign period continued, production was necessarily stopped due to the failure of the lime kilns in the factory. As production was stopped at the factory, 150 thousand tons of beets waiting to be processed began to rot.
It was decided to move 150 thousand tons of beets immediately
TÜRKŞEKER management decided to move 150 thousand tons of beet, which started to rot with a decision taken hastily, to other public sugar factories. Beets, which started to rot, began to be transported day and night with a large fleet of trucks and trucks.


It is noted that TÜRKŞEKER's transportation of 150 thousand tons of sugar beet from Ilgın Sugar Factory, whose production has stopped due to lack of investment, to other factories will cost 15 million lira. The amount of sugar to be obtained will decrease, as there will be a serious loss of polar fleece in the transported beets due to delay in processing. With the loss in sugar, the damage is expected to double by three.


Ilgın Sugar Factory has a special importance for public sugar factories. The Ilgın Sugar Factory, which revised the high production costs of sugar factories such as Ağrı, Kars, Erciş, which are under TÜRKŞEKER due to its high production and efficiency, enabled the factories in Eastern Anatolia to survive due to this feature. Since the loss of this characteristic of Ilgın Sugar Factory will directly increase the production costs of TÜRKŞEKER, the damage to the factories will increase exponentially and the public will have to consume sugar more expensive.
Although the Ilgın Sugar Factory, which we have to look at with our eyes, has such an important task, it is meaningful that the factory has not been invested in modernization for years and left it to work with old technology.
During the 2020/2021 campaign period, TÜRKŞEKER, which did not allocate a single penny investment allowance for the Ilgın Sugar Factory, which received approximately 1 million 600 thousand tons of beets from the farmer and processed approximately 1 million tons of it, re-established Çarşamba Sugar Factory, which has not been produced for 9 years It draws attention to the fact that it allocates 60 million lira investment allowance on the grounds of buying.
The Çarşamba Sugar Factory, which was planned to be put into production during this campaign period, could not be put into production due to both the farmer's insufficient beet production and Kovid-19. Although the farmer committed 150 thousand tons of beets during this campaign period, only 60 thousand tons of beets were produced. Since the Çarşamba Sugar Factory was not put into production despite the investments made, these 60 thousand tons of beets purchased from the farmer were also transported to the factories in the surrounding provinces with a high transportation fee.


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