Prof. Dr. Ata Atun: "Cyprus trap of the British"

Prof. Dr. Ata Atun: "Cyprus trap of the British"
Date: 20.9.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Prof. Dr. Ata Atun writes on Cyprus. Here is the full article.

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The words used by the British High Commissioner in Southern Cyprus, Stephen Lillie, in his candid interview with the Greek-based newspaper Kathimerini last week, and the "Cyprus solution picture" he drew, reveal what the Western world thinks about Cyprus, in essence the Eastern Mediterranean.
Britain insists that an agreement to be reached on Cyprus must be a "one state by the international community" solution. The desires of the Western world, or more precisely of the expansionists and colonialists of the last 300 years, namely the imperialists, is that the Cyprus problem be concluded with a one-state solution that is bound to them and will unconditionally pledge allegiance.
It does not matter what political balances this artificial state, which will be established and approved by the West, looks like "single sovereignty", is established between the two peoples living in Cyprus for centuries, who has how much rights and authority in the administration, and who will govern whom.
According to British politicians and strategists, the definition of "One outside and two states at home" is not a new concept. The 1947 Lord Winster Plan, the 1948 Sir Edward Jackson Constitution, the 1955 Harold Macmillan Proposals, and the 1956 Lord Radcliffe Plan proposed a solution that was “one on the outside but two people on the inside, sharing sovereignty, representation and government by two peoples.” (Ata Atun, Cyprus Plans, Hyperlik, 2021)
The basis of all these plans, proposals and constitutions was that there should be an independent state in Cyprus, the whole world should think so, but England's rights would not be lost behind the scenes, and England would have a say over Cyprus.
That's what happened. The Republic of Cyprus, whose independence was accepted by the West in 1960, was actually a British colony. It became part of the "Common Welfare Countries" that the British established to administer their former colonies. The equivalent of the "Cypriot Pounds" that he was putting into circulation was secured in "sterling" at the Central Bank of London. British goods were entering the island at a preferential and lower tariff compared to European and third country goods. The so-called "Republic of Cyprus' foreign policy was also entirely in line with the wishes and strategies of the British.
The military coup carried out by Greece on July 15, 1974 to include the island of Cyprus within the borders of Greece, was the beginning of the upsetting of the political and strategic balances in the region. It led to the demolition of the Eastern Mediterranean policies and Middle East strategies, which the British adopted since 1834 and knitted with fine workmanship over the years.
Despite all the reluctance of the British to re-establish the "Republic of Cyprus", which was destroyed and abolished after the military coup of Greece, on 20 July 1974, Turkey had to intervene militarily on the island, making it necessary to re-establish the balances in the region from the ground up, on different principles.
In the first quarter of the 21st century, the USA, the EU and the British, in other words the expansionist West, lost their former power, Turkey became a regional power, its interests and political relations overlapped with Russia and China, and most importantly, The energy deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean motivated the expansionist West to take control of the island of Cyprus as a whole and to rule it from behind the scenes.
Here is what the British High Commissioner in Southern Cyprus, Stephen Lillie, wanted to say and impose on Turkey and the TRNC: “We cannot accept two separate states. If we accept it, Turkey's Blue Homeland doctrine will come true and we (the expansionist West) will lose our rights in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Sea of ​​Islands (Aegean).
In summary, when we look at the past and the strategies of the West, especially the British, it is clear that any proposal other than the "two equal, sovereign, internationally recognized politically recognized two states" solution in Cyprus is/will be against Turkey and the TRNC.


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