Protect your land!

Protect your land!
Date: 31.3.2021 13:00

While another "Land Day", which refers to Israel's forcibly expelling Palestinians from the occupied territories, is behind us, the occupation activities in the region continue uninterruptedly.

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The occupying regime, which took steps towards "de-Islamization of Jerusalem" and destroyed more than 5 thousand houses, has now set its sights on Sheikh Jarrah Quarter. While the Israeli regime decides that 80 Palestinian families should evacuate the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood by May 2, the Palestinians continue to resist the occupation. Palestinians, who also invite the rulers and peoples of Islamic countries to support, want the ummah land to be protected.
The Israeli regime, which has occupied the Palestinian lands since 1948, expanded its occupation with the Six-Day War in 1967 and in this direction occupied the West Bank and Jerusalem, and resorted to various cruelties to leave the occupied Palestinians from their lands. Thousands of acres of land belonging to Palestinians in the Galilee region in the north of Palestine were seized by the occupying Israeli regime and this was protested by the Palestinians on March 30, 1976. The Palestinians, who went on a general strike and organized demonstrations in order to oppose the injustice they suffered, were attacked by the Israeli regime forces; There were six martyrs and thousands wounded. As of the aforementioned date, March 30 is called "Land Day" by the Palestinians. Organizing memorial programs every year on this date, Palestinians express their determination to save all Palestinian lands from the occupation from river to sea.


As years have passed since the occupation in Palestine, the Israeli regime's efforts to Judaize the region continue. In this context, the occupying Israeli regime destroys Palestinian homes and buildings in the occupied Jerusalem and West Bank for various reasons, leaving hundreds of Palestinians homeless every year. While many families in Palestine are living under the constant and threat of forced displacement, more than 5,000 homes are known to be destroyed by Israeli forces.


While the steps taken towards Judaizing the Palestinian lands by removing the Palestinians from their homes continue as on the first day, the last target of the Israeli regime is Sheikh Jarrah District of Jerusalem. Palestinians who have been residing in the neighborhood for years face the threat of forced migration from Israel. The Israeli regime wants to create new occupation units in the Sheikh Jarrah Quarter by seizing the houses in the Sheikh Jarrah Quarter of Jerusalem and forcing the eighty families residing there to migrate.


Palestinian journalist Muhammed Abu Taqiya made a statement to the Milli Gazete about what happened in the Sheikh Jarrah Quarter, where Israel's work was carried out in line with the "De-Islamization of Jerusalem" project.
Noting that Palestinians expect support from Muslims, Taqiya said, “Palestinians living in Sheikh Jarrah Quarter do not want to leave their homes. Palestinians here say they do not want to experience a second Nakba and will continue to resist. They also want the rulers and peoples of Muslim countries to stand by and support them.”


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