Public Confederations Platform: "You cannot ignore our effort"

Public Confederations Platform: "You cannot ignore our effort"
Date: 23.8.2023 11:00

The Public Confederations Platform, which was formed by 9 unions and confederations before the 7th Term Collective Agreement negotiations, where the salary increases of public employees will be determined for the 2024-2025 period, stopped working.

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The 7th Term Collective Agreement negotiations, which will determine the salary increases of public employees for the next 2 years, continue.
Before the meeting held yesterday, the Public Confederations Platform, which was formed by 9 unions and confederations, stopped working and made a press release all over Turkey and called to the table.
Speaking on behalf of the platform in the press statement held in front of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Ankara, United Public Works Chairman Mehmet Yeşildağ stated that with the offers given, public employees were left alone with hunger and poverty.
"The second proposal of the government, whose preliminary negotiation process was completed in the collective agreement negotiations, which included the important demands of public employees, was announced as the shame rate on 17 August. If no agreement is reached at the fourth meeting as of today, the authorized confederation will come to the stage of applying to the Public Officials Arbitration Board as of August 23. In the collective agreements made 6 times in 12 years to date, the government has always put on the table salary increases based on the inflation figures that it has targeted, and it has resulted," Yeşildağ said.
Stating that they knew that the results of the meetings held so far would be repeated, Yeşildağ stated that 9 confederations and unions will continue to fight.
"The current proposals announced by the government were even below the inflation targets revised by the Central Bank, contradicting their own rates. When we look back at the so-called collective bargaining processes and the Arbitration Committee, the picture is well understood. The government has made fun of the minds of public workers with a margin of only 2 percent. We are passing through the days when the poverty line reached 40 thousand TL for a family of 4, the average rent in metropolitan cities was 2/3 of the lowest civil servant salary, daily price increases were made for basic food products, and taxes and fees were increased every month. There are no 3600 additional indicators on the table that have been promised for years. There are no retirement improvements. The economic, social and personal rights of the public worker are not even mentioned on the table. You cannot ignore our work," Yeşildağ added.


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