PYD from the south, Greek from the west! We are surrounded!

PYD from the south, Greek from the west! We are surrounded!
Date: 3.8.2021 14:00

While Turkey is struggling with difficult agendas such as fire, flood, irregular migration and economy, the USA continues to build up on our western border with heavy weapons.

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The USA, which terrorized our southern border by aiding the PKK's Syrian branch PYD with thousands of trucks of weapons, is now besieging Turkey from the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.


The US Department of Defense carried out a military shipment of at least 400 tanks and armored vehicles to the Alexandroupolis base in Greece, 40 km from Turkey. While the military dispatch, which took place on the instructions of US President Biden, who said, "I feel like a Greek," directly threatens Turkey, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains silent.
Biden's promises of support to Greece before he was elected president are being implemented step by step. The USA, which unconditionally supports the Greek-Greek alliance by adopting a hostile attitude towards Turkey regarding the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, continues to strengthen Greece militarily. It is clear that the USA, which has filled the Alexandroupoli Base, which it opened as of 2020, with heavy weapons as part of the joint defense agreement signed in 2019, is in a policy of encircling Turkey from its western border.
Acting upon the instruction of American President Joe Biden, the US Department of Defense shipped at least 400 tanks and armored vehicles to the city of Alexandroupolis, 40 km from Turkey. It was reported that some of the vehicles unloaded from the two cargo ships were sent to Bulgaria and Romania to be used in NATO exercises, while a significant part of the tanks remained in Alexandroupoli. It seems possible that the heavy weapons deployed in Alexandroupoli, which is right next to us, will be used against Turkey in the slightest tension on the Greek border. The silence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against the US-Greek evil alliance, which carries out terrorist activities in Alexandroupolis by ignoring international agreements, continues.


It is foreseen that the USA, which sees the Alexandroupoli Base in Greece as a very important center in order to intervene immediately in the developments in the Black Sea, the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, will further increase the shipments of heavy weapons to the base. Thousands of ammunition and war materials were transferred to Alexandroupoli Base, which was opened in July 2020, using NATO exercises as an excuse in the past year. At the beginning of last June, 150 war helicopters were sent to Alexandroupoli, and the last heavy weapons pile up was carried out with 400 tanks in the past few days.


During the American presidential elections, US President Joe Biden promised to support the Greek administration against Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean issues. Biden's words are brought to life step by step. It is said that Biden, who said, "I feel like a Greek," will give more support to Greece during his presidency. The heavy weapons piled up in the military base in Alexandroupoli strengthen Greece's hand and provide a psychological advantage against Turkey. It seems that Greece, which attempts to usurp Turkey's legitimate rights in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean at every opportunity, will increase its provocative moves during Biden's presidency. The ineffective and weak stance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against these plots, which openly threaten our national security, again draws criticism.


Milli Gazete announced to its readers the invasion moves of the USA, which opened the Alexandroupolis Air Base on July 23, 2020, with its news titled 'US Base in Alexandroupoli'. In the news published with the signature of Milli Gazete correspondent Abdussamet Karataş, "While Turkish politics continued to discuss artificial issues, a new issue of national security arose right next to us. While the American presence at Incirlik Air Base was pushing the limits of our endurance, the USA built a new military base right next to our western border. Our neighbor Greece, which is constantly making moves that threaten our border security, has signed a project with the USA that will disable the Turkish Straits. The US Naval and Air Base in the Alexandroupoli region of Greece was inaugurated on July 23, 2020. The United States, which wants to take control of the Black Sea, will use the Naval and Air Base in Alexandroupoli to build a military build-up on Bulgaria and Romania. This means a great threat to Turkey's national security," it was read.


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