Qurban is worship and the interest is forbidden!

Qurban is worship and the interest is forbidden!
Date: 30.6.2022 13:00

In Eid al-Adha, Muslims will celebrate the feast by sacrificing an animal in order to gain divine consent. During the Eid, the poor will be remembered and the feelings of brotherhood will increase.

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Sacrificing an animal (Qurban), which is one of the worships that our religion gives great value, provides material and spiritual gains to many levels of society.
In addition to being a worship that Allah is pleased with in the spiritual sense, it is necessary to be much more careful about Islamic sensitivities while performing the qurban worship, which is the lifeblood of many sectors from livestock to food, in financial terms.
Scholars, whose fatwas are consulted on the occasion of the approaching Eid al-Adha, warn Muslims not to involve interest in the worship of sacrifice.
It is emphasized that the use of "credit cards" should be avoided and cash should be purchased as much as possible, especially since it carries an "interest" risk in the purchase of qurbans.
The decrease in the purchasing power of the citizens with the economic depression that the country has been in for a while has brought the citizens who intend to take victims this year closer to their credit cards.
Today, hundreds of thousands of citizens who have difficulty in payment spend the last day of payment of their credit card debts or pass by with the minimum payment called the minimum amount.
All of these payment types, which are not allowed by Islamic fiqh, fall under the umbrella of "interest".
It is warned that if the payment date of the victims purchased with a credit card is forgotten or the date is passed due to the difficulty of payment, it will harm the virtue of the sacrifice worship and will put Muslims in interest.
It is considered a more appropriate behavior to stay away from "credit cards" in order to perform the qurban worship, which is not obligatory for Muslims who cannot afford it.


Research on the use of credit cards by citizens reveals that the interest swamp is spreading over a wide area.
After the Ramadan Feast, which we left behind, there was an increase of 70 billion TL in the debts of citizens throughout the country, while their credit card debts reached 272 billion TL. In the last five years, 4 million 130 thousand people were blacklisted because they could not pay their debts to banks, while 746 thousand more people were added to these lists compared to April last year.
While this picture of disaster is in sight, buying "sacrifices" by borrowing money from banks puts the reward and virtue of worship at great risk.


On the other hand, banks, which are the representatives of the exploitation and interest system, are doing their best to contaminate the Eid al-Adha, which is one of the most important ways to get closer to Allah.
Banks, which try to lure citizens into the swamp of interest under the name of "qurban loan", try to legitimize interest in the eyes of Muslims.
Banks, which also use religious symbols in their advertisements, do not hesitate to use Eid al-Adha, which is a worship of approaching Allah, as a "means of earning".


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