Realm of authority not clear in new system

Realm of authority not clear in new system
Date: 8.8.2019 12:00

Although a year has passed since the implementation of the Presidential Government System, the system is causing great public concern.

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The debate on the Presidential Government System is growing. A year has passed since the introduction of the newly established government system, but its failures raise public concern. Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), Turkey depends Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) in the report related to the Presidential System of Government, failures and problems in the system discussed individually. In the report, while the one-year performance of the Presidential Government System was removed, the new system and the problems in the ministries were highlighted.


The report stressed that no comprehensive work was done during the preparation of the Presidential Government System. The report called the unprepared reform inin of the new government system, pointed out that the map of authority and responsibility in the system is not fully defined. The report underlined that the vice-president had no clear definition of which issue the ministers had, who the task was, and which unit had the signature powers. The report said that due to these reasons, things have slowed down in the bureaucracy and the workload of the President has increased. The reasons for the deterioration of the system, the parliamentary system, the complaints complained of serious damage to create a more serious size.


The report stated that the map of authority and responsibility was not created in a healthy way, it was stated that there was a problem of focusing on the system and this caused the disorganization of the bureaucracy. The following statements in the report on the structure of the ministry drew attention: "In addition, the preservation of the ministerial structures designed in accordance with the parliamentary system scheme almost in the new system causes an operation that is not compatible with the system. If so, the pear vaccine to the apple tree is expected to hold."


The report stated that ministers and deputies who acted as a bridge between society and the state in the parliamentary system had no reciprocity in the new system and underlined that the new system caused a gap between the central authority and the society. In the report, the new system is not timely necessary arrangements may occur in case of chronicization was noted. The presidential decrees stolen the Assembly's ‘legislative role’ and the report stated that the legislative power of the Assembly was weakened. The final part of the report pointed out that there are problems related to the structural and functioning of the Presidential Government System. Rapor The separation of powers is based on designing an interface (technology) that will enable the TGNA, which is one of the three forces in its theory, to be more powerful and effective in the system and to ensure the transition between the Presidency and the TGNA da.


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