Recai Kutan: "Milli Gazete is the most powerful representative of national media"

Recai Kutan: "Milli Gazete is the most powerful representative of national media"
Date: 14.1.2020 12:00

ESAM President Recai Kutan issued a message on the occasion of the establishment anniversary of Milli Gazete.

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Recai Kutan, Chairman of the Center for Economic and Social Research (ESAM), issued a message marking the 48th anniversary of our newspaper's founding. 
In his message, "I congratulate our Milli Gazete on the 48th anniversary of its establishment, primarily for its happy march and virtuous stance, and I regard it as a duty to greet the entire Milli Gazete community with respect and affection. The most serious voice of principled journalism and national media in our country has been the most powerful representative," he said.


Kutan, in the continuation of the message, "the Milli Gazete, the spring of our country in the face of a flower in the process of initiating. During this 48-year period, it brought a new understanding, a new breath and a new excitement to our nation and humanity. It became the voice of the truth and the conscience of the ummah and humanity. Therefore, the Milli Gazete, beyond being a newspaper, is a school with its teaching and cultivation, a plane tree with the vision of civilization it has undertaken, and a groundbreaking path despite all the difficulties. On this occasion, he wishes success to Milli Gazete. I would like to express two worlds blessings to Milli Gazete employees, readers and supporters," he added.


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