Remember Nakba... Not 7 but 76

Remember Nakba... Not 7 but 76
Date: 16.5.2024 12:00

The most meaningful historical response to the Zionist supporters who continue their "dirty perception operations" by reflecting the atrocities of Israel, the cancerous cell of the Middle East, in the Palestinian territories as if it were a new event that started on October 7, 2023, will be to remind them of the NAKBA.

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Israel's subversion in the Middle East, which filled the authority gap created after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire with its dirty and insidious occupation policies, is not a new case.
Unfortunately, there will be no end to the NAKBAs unless an all-out mobilization against Israel is declared.
The fierce and accursed Israeli nation, which served as the devil's soldiers at every opportunity, built an unofficial terrorist state on May 14, 1948, exactly 76 years ago, in the Palestinian lands that it usurped with blood, cruelty and terror.
This attempt of discord by the Israelites has been called NAKBA (Great Disaster) by the Palestinians for 76 years.
The existence of NAKBA is a clear rejection of the Zionist supporters who say "Everything in the Middle East started on October 7."
Those who look at NAKBA will understand that; The expulsion of millions of Palestinians from their lands is not a new event, nor is the presence of defenseless women, children and elderly people brutally murdered, nor is the brutal murder of Palestinian babies, whose tiny bodies were crushed under tons of bombs and forced to say goodbye to life before they could even hold on to life.
Unless the conscientious societies of the world join all their forces and declare a total mobilization against Israel, the end of NAKBAs will unfortunately not come.


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