Remzi Başbuğ: "We even export to China"

Remzi Başbuğ: "We even export to China"
Date: 24.3.2023 11:30

Remzi Başbuğ, Chairman of the Board of Assuva, stated that they have become a brand in the world with their qualified and high-quality devices produced with R&D and innovations.

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Assuva Defense Industry is a company that produces domestically produced underground imaging systems and metal detectors. Assuva, whose valuable devices are in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and are actively used in the detection of terrorist elements and in disasters such as earthquakes, floods and avalanches, also actively worked with the team they established in coordination with the Gendarmerie General Command in the disaster area.
Remzi Başbuğ, Chairman of the Board of Assuva, talked about their work in the earthquake zone.
"In the first place, the Gendarmerie General Command started working with the M1 device in its possession. Gendarmerie uses these devices to detect terrorist elements such as tunnel shelters. Since these devices can also search for those who are under an avalanche in the earthquake zone, such as floods, debris, landslides, they are immediately sent to the scene. Since the devices work with thermal sensors, the number is not clear, but it was noted that nearly 10 thousand live detections were made and our deceased citizens were also detected. In addition, as Assuva company, we established a civilian search and rescue team with our customers and worked in the region under the coordination of the Gendarmerie General Command," he said.


Noting that as Assuva, their R&D is constantly working and improving their existing devices, Başbuğ said, "Finally, our device that we have produced appeals to both the military and the civilian sector. There are software differences between them. This device started as the M1 model. The Proton Elic RDU started out as the M1 model, and has grown to the M5 model. The M5 model is a device used in civilian search and rescue, in the hobby sector, and in the military sector. Our device has four segments as analog malec center, digital malec center, analog thermal, magnetic thermal. Our device is used in all kinds of search and rescue activities. It is used in the military sector to detect terrorist elements. Our M5 model is used in a very qualified way, both in the hobby sector, search and rescue activities, in industrial areas, in municipalities, in the detection of water leaks from pipes. These devices, like our other devices, entered the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces. It entered the inventory of both the Gendarmerie General Command and the Turkish armed forces."


Remzi Başbuğ noted that they also carried out prototype studies of the M6 series after the M5.
"We continue to work on the development of our economical and comfortable M6 model, which can be used by the military, civilian, industrial and municipal sector, as well as search and rescue teams of AFAD. On the other hand, we continue to work on the installation of these devices on helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles," Başbuğ added.


Noting that the biggest income items are exports, Başbuğ said, "We export to many countries in the world, especially China, Korea, Greece, Iran, Italy, Iraq, Syria, Russia, Peru. With the exports we make, we provide added value to our country in a very qualified way, we create a serious foreign currency inflow. The country to which we export the most is China. It is a great success for us to be able to export to the export giant China. We take advantage of this as our products do not have any equivalent or similar. Prototype models of these devices have actually existed for 10 years. But what we produce has no equivalent in our market or in the world markets. If it did, China would produce it. Devices that are very difficult to copy. Even if it is copied, we are ahead of the competition because we have branded abroad. Our devices have not been copied, and will never be made again."


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