Remzi Çayır: "Is the interest lobby at work?"

Remzi Çayır: "Is the interest lobby at work?"
Date: 23.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Remzi Çayır writes on Turkey's economy. Here is the full article.

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I am not one of those who use social media instantly… Writing something… I have a relationship to exhibit what I have written there.
However, the economic rumors that started last night obfuscate one's memory. It is so changeable, open to lies… I do not know if there has been a medium where facts and truths are intertwined. No strainer. There is no control.
His mouth speaks briefly. Explanations that are compassionate and compelling make people laugh. However, when the head of the central bank changed, I could not guess whether the markets reacted strangely or were manipulated from outside or inside. It seems that maintaining stability does not happen with words or speeches… The infrastructure and superstructure of this work must be strong.
It is still a fragile structure… There is a weakness that dissolves with a few words and deeds.
Midnight rumors… Rising foreign exchange, falling stock market… Then, economic data confuse both the knowledgeable and the unknowing.
I'm not talking about inflation in the market. It is a deplorable state. Don't ask… Like suppressed emotions, suppressed market prices… Unfortunately, the numbers put into their pundun do not change the existing…
However, isn't it more rational to put the hat in front of us and change the situation according to him and find new solutions? Closing an eye is useless. Especially, altering the existing brings instant profit, nothing else.
This country has suffered from the interest rate… Foreigners are investing more money in the stock market and a little interest… Then, they collect the parsa and withdraw from the market, depending on the situation.
Income they cannot get in their countries, they get in countries like ours, whose markets are not well established. Foreigners' entry to the country consists of daily and monthly profits… Coming for investment… Nobody has invested money for production lately.
Of course, it is possible to come across some investors. But money is a cowardly tool. It always looks for a safe harbor. It flows towards the peaceful place. Where there is justice… It prefers the way it knows it will make money… It is very clever, he is smart money.
If you do not make investments for both employment and production, you will keep spinning around your own axis like a cabinet horse. If you do not lead to new horizons and followers… In short, you will produce, market what you produce. You will be equipped with the vehicles of your opponents… You will struggle to cope with them. You will comply with the requirements of the economy, markets, real economy… You will now believe that science has universal principles.
The way to highlight your national and local conditions and your state, and the necessity of dominance, again pass through knowing and reading well the existence of universal provisions.
I did it and it was done. I will do it, of course, it is important in terms of self-confidence, and it is valuable on the spot. However, if this trust is not equipped with knowledge, science, reason and facts, you will be hit on the wall.
Turkey still pays most of its national income to interest, to interest on debt. Turkey cannot get rid of the exploitation of international banks and money focus… Fresh money is usually needed. This is no longer obtained from the IMF, but from other sources.
Balanced budget… Being a country whose revenues exceed its expenditures requires rational and stable, realistic economic policies.
It is not enough for you to be at work for years… If you have a habit of going back to the beginning… And if the foundation is not solid, if you cannot do what is required, your money may lose value up to thirty percent overnight.
In this case, the power is not the only loser… We all lose.
Money is not an emotional, courageous entity. He is not loyal. He acts as it suits him… in his head. It is self-interested. It stops where its interest is. Do not forget.
So, look to keep the castle intact… There is no other solution… The interest lobby is always at work. They have never gone so that you can put some mistakes on him.


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