Remzi Çayır: "Muslim countries that link arms with Israel"

Remzi Çayır: "Muslim countries that link arms with Israel"
Date: 8.9.2020 14:00

Milli Gazete columnist Remzi Çayır writes on Middle East countries and Israeli regime. Here is the full article.

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The United Arab Emirates has locked in a close embrace with Israel. Mutual delegations, wishes for friendship, embraced pictures. Countries whose people were Muslims competed to form strange alliances.
Egypt is ruled by dictatorship. Sisi overthrew the elected government, used the title of general staff, took the lead... He keeps running the country arbitrarily.
The Saudis… They have an alliance with America beyond an alliance.
America, Europe, Russia, they are constantly selling arms to oil-rich countries.
Recently, the people of the Middle East, Muslim countries, have intensified their arms purchases...
The countries that are mentioned in the list of countries that buy the most weapons share the first places.
Strangely enough, America is the power that brings Israel and some Muslim countries together around the enchanted project. The United States not only brings together the United Arab Emirates, the Sauds, Egypt, Jordan and many other countries at the same table with Israel, it brings them together in the same qibla.
The old ones said live and see. When you say Israel until yesterday, what is it that those who fled for good do not hesitate to be entangled today?
Turkey's policy in the Mediterranean, some of us who find our right the wrong. But there is a truth. It is also that many Muslim countries continue to throw stones at us alongside Israel.
Sultans, kings and emirs continue to act by ignoring their people when they delight.
The strange thing is that in the Quran they read, they ignore the provisions regarding Israel and exhibit attitudes that crack the conscience by saying the day today.
If the will of the right in the aforementioned countries in the real sense... Consequently, if the will of the people were valid, could they behave so arbitrarily?
History will commemorate those who rule these countries with pleasure and sovereignty with strange attributes tomorrow.
History will eventually ignore those who ignore the will of the right.


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