Rent problem turns into a livelihood problem: Educators Union

Rent problem turns into a livelihood problem: Educators Union
Date: 26.2.2024 11:00

Educators Union (Eğitim Bir-Sen) organized the Board of Presidents Meeting in Ankara Kızılcahamam with wide participation.

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Educators Union (Eğitim Bir-Sen), Turkey's largest education union, held its Board of Presidents Meeting in Ankara Kızılcahamam with wide participation.
At the meeting where union activities were discussed, Memur-Sen and Educators Union (Eğitim Bir-Sen) Chairman Ali Yalçın expressed the opinions and suggestions of the deputy chairmen and branch heads regarding the agenda.
At the end of the meeting, the decisions taken by the Board of Presidents were announced to the public with a final declaration.


In the announced declaration, occupying Israel was once again condemned.
"Zionist Israel leaves Gaza hungry, thirsty, without medicine, without light and without food, with the heavy siege it imposes in front of the eyes of the world; It bombs non-stop from the air, land and sea and commits genocide in Gaza. An all-out fight must be waged against the perpetrators of this genocide; A preventive and obstructive attitude should be taken against Israel not only in the military field, but also in the political, social, cultural and economic fields," the declaration said.


The declaration also included the economic problems experienced by public officials.
"When we look at the economic contraction, increasing prices, announced inflation rate and concrete realities in the markets, it is clearly seen that the purchasing power of public officials with fixed income has decreased. Approaches and practices such as reflecting growth on salaries and wages instead of protection against inflation, and paying the inflation difference in advance at the beginning of the period instead of compensating it at the end of the period should be implemented," the declaration added.


The final declaration also draws attention to the rent problem experienced by civil servants in metropolitan cities.
"The housing and rent problem has become so severe that it affects the working conditions of public officials and their choice of place of employment, or even becomes the only factor. The rent problem, which is not only limited to metropolitan cities but forces public officials to move away from cities, has turned into a livelihood problem. This problem should be resolved without wasting any more time, and public officials should be provided with rental assistance," the declaration said.


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