Reşat Nuri Erol: “Specifying general situation assessment"

Reşat Nuri Erol: “Specifying general situation assessment"
Date: 11.7.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Reşat Nuri Erol writes on New World Order. Here is the full article.

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The political problem is in order… The health problem is in order… Numerous problems are in order to be written, we will remind you again and again: Humanity is changing from the labor order to the partnership order; interest-free unpaid money will be replaced by labor-based gold bills; only those who accept them will succeed. We are openly writing and speaking; If anyone can argue otherwise, let them come near.
Let's remember the situation once more in terms of substances.
1-The general situation is as follows. Humanity has become civilized. Almost everyone is a worker. Nobody consumes what they produce anymore.
2-In the previous century there was a shortage of workers. The workplaces were scarce. People were looking for workers, but they couldn't find them. Now everyone has found their jobs, there is a shortage of workplaces. In other words, since the workplaces could not find workers, they came to work with the missing capacity.
3-Before this, capital accumulation was needed. In this way, new businesses could be established. For this, interest-bearing businesses could be established. The money earned money, new businesses were established, and the workers who were exposed had the opportunity to find a job.
4-Now the capital can not find new workers. Therefore, the opportunity to accumulate with interest can not find investment place. In other words, there are no new workers and so the other factories are closing down.
5-Capital can no longer balance in economic competition. It finds balance not only in peace but in war. There's war or anarchy.
6-In the current cruel order, unpaid interest money cannot achieve the economic balance. Since it cannot find new workers, it cannot make build-operate-transfer investments. This order is standing today, because the ones that were produced before are consumed. That is, smaller capitals are eliminated, bankrupt, their remains are shared by larger capitals, and so on.
7-Firms are growing, capital is decreasing, ‘we have merged and strengthened’ they say. In fact, it would be correct if they say ‘we went bankrupt and surrendered to the larger firm’.
8-For a few more years, such ‘cruel world order’ continues in the blind lame-interest system. Interest rate labor system consumes life for the world. Let the one come near who can say otherwise.
9-Turkey’s state: Capitals come from the outside made investments. The people left the field, left the workshop, left the factory, and made non-production investments. The houses with mortgage loans were built, unceasingly built only in luxury apartments.
10-Today those investments stopped. The public is not able to feed. It's impossible to pay in installments. It was taken with a state guarantee. The state will be in the case of payment. So, where will the government find and pay? It will buy Dollar with Turkish Lira which will result in inflation.
11-State made large investments with build-operate model. The public left the land, the public left their workshop, the public left factory, and worked there. Now those investments have stopped, but our people cannot return to their fields, they cannot return to their ateliers or to their factories! So, what are they gonna live next? More salaries will be given to retirees, more salaries will be given to officers, people will be hired but there will be no work. How long are we gonna live like this?
12-There are strong family ties in Turkey, one’s salary is sometimes able to support a tribe. We will be able to continue to live, but this will cause an explosion of inflation, and ultimately even our state will be destroyed by hyperinflation; Like the Ottoman.
13-In the twentieth century, the collapsed states were always destroyed by hyperinflation. Today, humanity, in other words ’the cruel world order ’, is particularly cancerous. It is waiting for its death. The cruel order with the current interest rate cannot solve this problem.
14-AKP is still looking for external debt or capital, debt will close the debt. So the patient will be put into a coma. If production stops in the world, the same hyperinflation starts in the Dollar.
15-Trump is able to live by selling guns, he says ‘kill each other ’ to buyers. So, when everyone dies, who's he gonna sell weapons to? Humanity commits suicide ...
As a result, we say; There is no solution in the interest labor system.
If anyone says there is, let him/her come near.


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