Reşat Nuri Erol:" The cure in the National Opinion, fair economic order"

Reşat Nuri Erol:" The cure in the National Opinion, fair economic order"
Date: 13.2.2019 18:00

Milli Gazete columnist Reşat Nuri Erol writes on Turkey's problems and its solutions. Here is the full article.

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-Is the health and healthy production or the cheapness that is unknown?
-Are the summer vegetables in the middle of winter tomato, pepper, eggplant or winter vegetables?
-Is our own production or the imported one that its producing is unknown?
-Is the cooparative production\consumption or the other production\consumption?
This questions(problems) were written for hundrends of time in this corner, keep writing…
As you know, we have problems that couldn’t be solved and growing like a snowball…
We have the problem of importing cattle so meat; in our country which once imported animal!
I myself, in the nineties, through out the Eastern Anatolia, with the Refah Party Regional Instructor, four thousands and five sheep-goats nominally small ruminant animals in Gaziantep and we would export them from Mersin…Where did we come from to where?
-Where have we become in agriculture and livestock in a few years?
-Then the problem of onion-garlic, potato was introduced!
-And now we are challenging with the tomato, pepper, eggplant problem in the middle of winter!
In Turkey that was once one of the self-sufficient seven countries in agriculture and livestock!
How have we succeed it?
In my opinion, we succeeded on it by taking off National Opinion shirt and not dealing with the regulations of fair, fair economic order with its remedies and solutions.
Since morning, I’ve been looking at the writings of dozens of writers who have written these topics…Each of them just looks in their own sense, from their own window and writes only diagnoses and criticsm…Okay, the detections, criticsms, diagnoses are being done and written; but isn’t there  any treatment prescription?
In the ones that I’ve reached and read unfortunately not; but in which subject is there!
Only, Yeni Akit author Kenan Alpay who I was with in Akit TV’s “The other Aspect” program last month on Friday, January 18, could look different into the subject and made important warnings. Let’s look at what have the author written today (12.02.2019) in the amount of our rest:” It is not understandable to talk about ‘the terrorism of tomato, pepper, eggplant ‘ in a country where  the petrolium, natural gas, electricity and in this context, starting from production and logistics , and everything from tax to rent, to personel expense is done expensive.(…) Nowadays, the channels that turn over and over again that the lines formed in front of the regulated sale points as ‘retiree and the great winners of the narrow income, the way of salvation from expensive, the jumping in the struggle with grind’ etc. will soon be in touch with the sarcastic attitude of society, but the main rage will be the politics that puts this palliative solution across public. The statements made in order to combat expensive vegetable and fruit prices will be served by cleaning products and pulses are changing the color of the work unnoticingly. For instance; whether the regulated sales points for expensive electricity and petroleum products will be established or not is wondered what will the goverment answer? For instance; if it is asked that why the solutions like regulated sales for expensive health and communication products isn’t applied, what explanation will the government express? Of course, it is an option to adjust the tradesmen who give high taxes and take big risks, pay rent and try to cope with forty kind of process to cope with personel expenses with government abilities. But how fair, how sustainable and more importantly, how much will it be in the fight against inflation, unemployment and expensiveness?  Will the nationalization policy instead of correctly and effectively control of markets and greengrocers continue after the elections, we will see that together. But to install the task of selling vegetables and fruits, pulses and cleaning products to municipalities that are already have a thosand disabilities even while implementing the zoning-settlement laws,seems neither an intellectual profit nor an efficient solution. Of course, as an ordinary citizen it can’t be possible to see what the mentality of government, the truth of government is able to see(we say anyway) Whether the regulated sale points are a tactical move in terms of politicis or a strategic plan, it will soon became apparent. We will wait and see even if it’s tense. The cure is in “Fair Order”.


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