Research Assistants Solidarity Platform: "We want promises to be kept"

Research Assistants Solidarity Platform: "We want promises to be kept"
Date: 8.8.2023 11:30

Research Assistant Ömer Orbay Çetin, Founder of Research Assistants Solidarity Platform (AGDAP), recalling the words of Vedat Bilgin, former Minister of Labor and Social Security, "The lack of concrete steps and explanations deeply upset the academics, who have not received any improvement for nearly 10 years. We want promises to be kept," he said.

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While the economic crisis is affecting all the citizens, the citizens hardly bring the end of the month.
While each occupational group demanded adjustments in their salaries against the price increases, improvements were made in some occupational groups.
Ömer Orbay Çetin demanded that the promises made to academics before the election be remembered.
Reminding that some promises were made regarding the academic raise, which academics had mentioned many times, Çetin stated that the promises made before the election were still not kept.
"Prior to the election, former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Vedat Bilgin, on many television channels, very clearly, emphatically and resolutely told academics that a very comprehensive financial improvement that would increase purchasing power would be made, and that the study would even be completed and put into practice in July 2023. Not seeing any concrete steps and not hearing any official statements as of August not only disturbs us academically, but also leads us to pessimism," Çetin said.


Noting that improvements have been made to many professional groups, Çetin stated that academics are out of the scope of these improvements.
"As academics, we still receive low salaries from public workers, as well as well below the poverty line. We, who have to make all the expenses for academic development out of our own pocket, are almost left to our fate with no fringe benefits. We are unable to perform any of the activities required by our profession. As academics, who can barely meet their basic needs such as shelter, nutrition and transportation, we have come to a point where we cannot renew even our simplest technological tools. We demand immediate fulfillment of the promise made to us," Çetin added.


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