Resignations continue in ruling AKP

Resignations continue in ruling AKP
Date: 8.2.2019 14:00

Ferit Karabulut, the AKP Mayor of Kütahya Altıntaş, said that he resigned from his party and decided to enter the election independently.

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Ferit Karabulut, the AKP Mayor of Kütahya Altıntaş, resigned from the AKP after reacting to a nomination of a name that does not recognize the region.
Announcing his resignation from the party, Karabulut said he would run the elections independently.
Karabulut, in a written statement on the subject, said:
"I was nominated for the 2019 elections, I competed with 7 of my friends, and I learned that I received positive results from all of the criteria. One day before the candidates were announced, I received your name. The next day, a friend who did not live in the district, most of the people of the county did not know him, a large part of the organization resigned. I waited to see if it could be corrected, it was getting worse, it was the only way to go to the elections as an independent candidate."


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