Retired Major General: "Turkey may face big problems"

Retired Major General: "Turkey may face big problems"
Date: 9.1.2019 14:00

Retired Major General Ahmet Yavuz, evaluated President Erdoğan's article that published in New York Times.

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Turkey's progress assessments on the possible operation of Syria. Retired Major General Ahmet Yavuz evaluated President Erdoğan's article for the New York Times.
According to Hüseyin Hayatsever from the Cumhuriyet newspaper; Retired Major General Ahmet Yavuz stressed that Turkey could face the biggest problem, "Turkey wants to fill the area that US is going to leave," he said.
Yavuz evaluated President Erdoğan's solution proposals in Syria. Located in Erdogan's article "All fighters have no connection to terrorist organizations, we will incorporate the power stability of the newly established" expressed that in areas where effective means groups can work together with Turkey.
President Erdogan's proposals for Syria, currently YPG-controlled areas that do not want the return of Assad forces understood that Yavuz said, the following statements:
"Turkey wants to fill the gap in areas where the United States does not want to leave the place empty and Assad forces. The power of Turkey Is it enough, can do so, this side of the business is questionable. Because it has an economic leg. Also, we should not forget; What happened to Syria today was the proliferation of army in Lebanon for a very long time. Turkey's presence in such an initiative in Syria, also can cause big problems of its own."
"I was in Turkey, I think it was in the wrong by talks with Assad. There is an attempt to prevent Assad from being active. Prevention of autonomous areas PYD'nin there to win, something necessary for Turkey. But beyond that I think is a problematic issue for Turkey."


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