Retirees call for help due to crisis

Retirees call for help due to crisis
Date: 17.1.2019 14:00

"Sixty percent of the salary we receive goes to the bills. We'll have a hard time to pass the winter," retirees say.

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Association of Turkey Pensioners (TÜED) Chairman Kazım Ergün stated that raise retirement of the costs of the increase in rent that and heating costs, "Induced increases from inflation remains insufficient to cover the increases in costs of our retirement. It is obvious that our retirees, in particular, need fuel and rent support during the winter months."
Ergun, said in a statement, rent, fuel, dues, electricity, water and similar items constitute a significant part of the expenses of a family drew attention. Turkey Statistics Institute (TSI) is far from the announced inflation rates by household consumption expenditure figures living conditions is suggesting Ergun, "Rent, fuel, fees, electricity, water and other items in 20 percent or 30 of the expenditure of a family It doesn't seem possible to believe that you're staying. We are very curious about TurkStat in which country these calculations are made. Together with the new year, the increase in rental prices and the rise in heating costs increase the household consumption expenditures of our pensioners. This expenditure is about 60 percent of the income of a pensioner who receives a thousand liras monthly. In living conditions in the style of a TOKİ residence, expenditures such as rent, dues, heating and lighting take half of the pension of an average pensioner," he said.


Ergun, indicating that retirees are trying to get through the winter by either retiring from the previous summer or entering the next summer months, "It is evident that our retirees need fuel and rent support, especially in the winter. Our request from the government is to make an additional payment under the name of il rent and fuel aid to retirees in such a way as to contribute to their livelihood in difficult winter conditions," Ergun said.


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