Retirees demand salary increase not promises

Retirees demand salary increase not promises
Date: 24.8.2023 13:00

As Turkey's crack in the economic crisis deepens, the citizens' backs were bent with inflation, hikes and taxes. In this situation, the retirees who worked for years and supported the country's economy by producing were almost left alone in the fight against inflation.

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In Turkey, where the hunger limit is based on 11,658 TL, millions of retirees who could not get the increase they hoped for in July were sentenced to the lowest pension of 7,500 TL.
President Erdoğan stated that the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is also working on pensions.
On the other hand, AKP Deputy Chairman Binali Yıldırım, who spoke on the subject the other day, promised that “as soon as the parliament opens, pension work will be done”.
While millions of retirees who could not get a raise in July are waiting for a solution, the government has been making promises for years.
With the enactment of the EYT law, every Minister of Labor and Social Security gives good promises to the retirees, whose number has increased even more.
Despite the fact that 1.5 years have passed since the promise of Vedat Bilgin, the former Minister of Labor and Social Security, who stated that they prepared a regulation to protect retirees with his statement last year, promises were given to the pensioners again.
Especially after President Erdogan and Binali Yıldırım, retirees who hoped will now wait for the Parliament to open.


After the meeting held in the Plan and Budget Commission, which met last month, the pensioner was given a 25 percent increase for the second 6 months.
The salary hike, which was made taking into account the inflation difference, caused many discussions at that time, and millions of retirees could not benefit from the increase, since the 25 percent increase in question was made for root salaries.
According to the calculation of the increase made only for the root salary, millions of retirees whose pensions were below 7,500 TL could not benefit from this increase.


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