Rotary in schools, generations in danger

Rotary in schools, generations in danger
Date: 28.10.2019 13:00

The educational system, which has been turned into a jigsaw board with successive changes, children are now drawn into the trap of externally linked Masonic institutions.

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The Rotary at school project initiated by the Rotary Club, founded by a lawyer Paul P. Harris in Chicago, USA, is also supported by the Ministry of Education.
Ministry's support drew reaction
Rotary Club, one of the Masonic organizations that have been organizing activities in our country for 65 years in order to destroy our national and spiritual values, is carrying out the activities of support in our schools under the name of supporting education. The Freemasonry Rotary Club, which has infiltrated schools with the socialization and support of education, is trying to disrupt the Islamic thought pattern in the brains of young generations. The most painful part is the fact that the activities of this club, which is diametrically opposed to Islamic thought and which is completely foreign-oriented, are supported by the Ministry of National Education.
After the 1950 Rotary Club of Masonic organizations began to form an association in Turkey, it gave impetus to increase the efficiency in schools through various activities. The ary Rotary School project of the Rotary Club, which is engaged in activities contrary to Islamic thinking and our national lifestyle, is supported by the Ministry of National Education. The officials of Uludağ Rotary Club in Bursa were hosted by Minister Ziya Selçuk during their visit to the Ministry of National Education on 24 August 2019. Previously, International Rotary 2440. Regional Federation had signed a training protocol with İzmir Governorship.
In previous periods, the Ministry of National Education had called for the support of the Rotary Club of Mason origin. In the event that was brought up on the headline of the Milli Gazete dated March 27, 2017, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Hilmi Çolakoğlu, by sending a letter to all provincial directorates of National Education, to support the Freemasonry Rotary Club and the projects on the website by sharing the "students and parents to direct" announced that the instruction.
Rotary was founded in 1905 by a lawyer Paul P. Harris, a lawyer in Chicago, USA. Since the club's meetings were held sequentially at the members' offices, it was called Rotary in English, meaning rotating. The Rotary clubs, which are organized in 150 countries around the world, are headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, USA. Rotary clubs has many branches in Turkey.


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