Rotten fruits, vegetables period in bazaars

Rotten fruits, vegetables period in bazaars
Date: 19.1.2022 14:00

The market tradesmen, who could not afford to buy products with the exorbitant price hikes, got into a difficult situation with the decrease in the purchasing power of the households.

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Nurullah Özkan stated that he has been a bazaar stall since his childhood.
"I've been in the markets for almost 20 years, but I don't remember experiencing such a thing. As marketers, we are very unhappy. In the past, when the raise came, the citizens blamed us, but now they also understand the economic crisis. The potato truck, which cost 3-4 thousand TL from Niğde to Istanbul Market last year, is now 12-13 thousand TL. However, I witnessed the instant price change," he said.
“Would citizens buy rotten products had money in their pocket?”
"The product we sell over the counter has decreased by half compared to last year. My customers, who bought 4-5 kilos of potatoes and onions last year, now only gain 1-2 kilos. So, do you know what the citizen, who had a budget for 1-2 kilos of potatoes last year, is doing now? They turn to products, some of which are rotten, crushed but in edible condition. Everyone wants potatoes and onions from us. If the citizen has money in his pocket, will he get a date?"


Erhan Güler pointed out the price hikes for the products at the market stall he operated, "In the past, the fruits and vegetables we sold were getting a raise, but they were getting 25 kurus, 50 kurus, and they were weekly. However, now there is a raise of 1-2 TL per day. Still, the day does not keep up. I talked to his car in the morning while I was buying the product, he brought the car he brought from Antalya for 5,000 TL in the summer to 20,000 TL today. The price hikes on diesel are hitting the market stall as it is," he said.


Uğur Yerlikaya, who sells textile products in the market, also emphasized that he was reacting to the price hikes.
"Citizens are miserable, shopkeepers miserable, marketers miserable. Turkey should not be in this situation. In particular, textile products increased by more than 200 percent in 1 year. Everyone makes a living with a credit card. Shame on these people. Nobody deserves to live this way," he said.


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