Russia criticizes EU's sanctions on Turkey: We don't support!

Russia criticizes EUs sanctions on Turkey: We dont support!
Date: 18.7.2019 12:00

Russia announced that they don't support the sanctions of the European Union on Turkey.

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Russia, made a statement regarding the sanctions on Turkey's by European Union.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova Mariya, the European Union said they support the sanctions against Turkey.
Zaharova, who made important statements in today's press briefing, said, "We act because the sanction pressure is not a tool. Unfortunately, this is no longer a factor in today's international relations. But it is certainly not from the arsenal of diplomacy and should not be at the heart of international politics."
In addition, Zaharova evaluated all sanction decisions of the UN Security Council as extremely negative and unilateral steps were unacceptable.


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