Russia is attacking Idlib, the US is threatening ... International game!

Russia is attacking Idlib, the US is threatening ... International game!
Date: 6.9.2018 16:00

Russia is attacking Idlib, the US is threatening ...

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov made new statements about Idlib. "Russia is doing certain operations in Idlib," said Ryabkov. Haley, the US Permanent Representative to the UN, said, "We will not stand until we use chemical weapons in Idlib." Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said that Trump wanted to use the blurry environment for his internal political goals.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov argued that Syria would not be able to normalize without resolving the problem in Idlib. Ryabkov, "Russia is doing some targeted operations in Idlib. Syria can not normalize before the problem in Idlib is resolved. We are in contact with the US regarding the situation in Idlib, "he said. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, whether to initiate an operation in Idlib after certain that tomorrow I loved the Russia-Turkey-Iran summit.
In idlib, the proclamation rose after the attack of Russia. Russian Ambassador to Ankara also has relevant messages. Ambassador Alexei Yerhov, "We are in constant contact with Turkey," he said. Russian Ambassador in Iran will be held tomorrow Yerhov Turkey, Russia, Iran, recalling the summit, "will spawn an excellent opportunity to produce solutions at the summit in Syria," he said.
The United States (UN) Permanent Representative of the United Nations (UN) Haley, Idlib'de Idilb'de a possible chemical attack will be an excuse, said: "We will not wait until the chemical weapon is used. In this regard, the President (Trump) also spoke openly to the public, saying that if chemical weapons were used, the US would respond. " Haley warned that the Assad regime should not use a new chemical weapon in Syria's Idlib city, where Russia launched an air strike. The White House Press Spokesman said, "The US closely monitors the developments in the Idlib region. President Donald Trump warned that such an attack would blatantly worsen the already tragic conflict and risk the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Let's be clear, if Bashar al-Assad chooses to use chemical weapons again, the US and its allies will respond quickly and appropriately" he said.
According to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory's allegation, the Syrian army again attacked the tension-reducing zone in Idlib and Hama provinces. The Syrian army bombed Kirbet, El Ghab, Havas, El Nakus and Hish villages in Idlib countryside. Also, the tanks belonging to the Syrian army bombed the town by moving towards Morek town.
Iranian Foreign Minister Jevad Zarif assessed the developments in Idlib. Elegant, they said in Syria, "they try to get the people out of Idlib by giving them the least damage." Criticizing US President Donald Trump's share of Syria on Twitter, Zarif said Trump wanted to use the blurry environment for his internal political goals. Stating that Trump's situation in the US public is not good and he wants to fix it once more with the Syrian people, Zarif voiced his opinion that "the US is not a good criminal for fighting extremism and terrorism." Zarif expressed that "the US should stand on the sidelines of Syria and no one should benefit from the situation in Syria for its internal political objectives."


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