Saadet Deputy Aydın: For what reason do you guarantee the vehicle passing?

Saadet Deputy Aydın: For what reason do you guarantee the vehicle passing?
Date: 9.8.2019 14:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Deputy Chairman Birol Aydin, warned the ruling party in a press conference. Aydin, reacted to the tolls of highways and bridges.

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Felicity Party Deputy Chairman Birol Aydin, held a press conference and shared the party's views on the current issues with the public. 
At the meeting held in Balgat Education Center, Aydın stated that our country, our nation and non-governmental organizations were tired and said, "The Justice and Development Party is much more tired. There's a rat race in government agencies. Everyone is so tired. As a country, there is corruption in every area, in every sector. In a country where arbitrariness and rudeness should never exist, they are in great arbitrariness, especially politicians. It is almost yesterday, today, today, they rule the country with the logic. More precisely, institutions can not be managed perceptions are managed. They have done this for the last 17 years and they have been performing more sharply for the last 5 years."
Stating that the transfer of the historical buildings of Ankara Train Station to a private university is an example of rudeness and arbitrariness, Aydın said, "The historical building within the Ankara Train Station Campus; nursery, registered museum, housing, art gallery and guest house together with the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca is transferred to the University of Ankara Medipol. We need to protect and maintain the historical buildings in accordance with the original. But let's say; a private university, not a public university? Let's say; a private university, why the university owned by the Minister of Health? This is immoral, indifference, arbitrariness. Neither conscience nor heart. This should be abandoned immediately".
Aydın, "Businessmen and industrialists will invest but they cannot see tomorrow. Families will direct the children to school but they do not know which exam system they will encounter. You will invest in foreign countries, which country will be friendly, with which country you will not be able to predict the enemy. Would that happen? We see that all the settings of the state have been corrupted so that it can hardly be corrected. The mechanism of justice has been manipulated by the military, the police and the country as a whole. It privatizes institutions built with great effort in the name of liberal economy for privatization. For the last 17 years, the AKP has been the most violent party to implement privatization. All the country's settings are corrupted."
Underlining that the government is in corruption and waste, Aydın said that waste and corruption have become the character of AKP executives. 
Aydın, "Let me say something very well-received. O nation! Now waste and corruption should be put aside. It appears that some of the work takes place far beyond corruption and waste. This country's treasury, opportunities and income mechanism was created how to rob it. Corruption happens every time, but the situation today is robbery. You made a perception operation with the bridge and hit our country against a wall. You made the road did not make the car on the road. You didn't make an airplane. You did hospitals, but you didn't make the devices used there. Turkey as a whole did fall victim to wild capitalism claws. Now you do 7 and 8 percent foreign currency borrowing. This is always your conscious robbery," he said.


Reacting to the passage of some highways and bridges with money, Aydın said, "Eid has arrived some roads will be free of charge, but the roads you have consciously robbed will continue to be toll. The cost of the round trip will be 512 TL. This highway and bridge using Istanbul-Izmir expedition, freight carrying a full round-trip fee of 291 TL. Fear Allah. For what reason do you give the vehicle warranty. You will also call the citizen to cash dollars, you will declare Mehmet, Ayşe ‘a traitor who gets 3-5 dollars, you will make a show by burning dollars on the screens, and you will talk about being local and national; but in these big projects, you will be contracted in foreign currency. It is a pity, it is a sin".


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