Saadet Deputy Karaduman: "Who fed the FETO with a feeding bottle?"

Saadet Deputy Karaduman: "Who fed the FETO with a feeding bottle?"
Date: 6.11.2018 17:00

Saadet Party Konya deputy Karaduman asks the ruling party: "Who fed the FETÖ with a feeding bottle?"

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Saadet Party Konya deputy Abdulkadir Karaduman, supporting Saadet Deputy Cihangir Islam against the troll attack on social media said, "Mr. Cihangir stand behind what he said."
He recalled that the AKP had rejected a proposal to investigate the political and economic leg of FETÖ on 15 July.
Abdulkadir Karaduman said in a press conference in the Assembly that the government challenged the lynching attempt against Cihangir Islam, the Saadet Party's Istanbul deputy.
’Who is bothering to expose the political and economic leg of the FETO, its collaborators? Why did the AK Party and its supporters reject the motion to investigate this? We, as National View Movement, are the deputies representing the Saadet Party, who want to dominate the will of the nation as well as those who want to take custody of the As a member of a political tradition that is the interlocutor of us, we are against all of these and put forward the best we pay."
Abdulkadir Karaduman said, We would like to express our condolences for those who are martyred that night. Abdulkadir Karaduman said, July 15, the law at the point of all the illegality of power, injustice is seen as a legitimate reason. Drew attention to the July 15 abuse of power. A power; who is bothering the exposing of the July 15 political pillar and collaborators of the FETÖ? The proposal about the investigation of the political leg of the 15 July in the Parliament is rejected and who wants to be protected? 
Saadet Konya deputy Karaduman said, "Only and only a thief will be afraid of the investigation of corruption. We know that on the night of July 15, the organization that dared this attempt is a structure that has been raised and fed by the AK Party for 16 years." he added.


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