Saadet deputy: Radical transformations must be performed

Saadet deputy: Radical transformations must be performed
Date: 16.7.2019 11:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Vice President İlyas Tongüç made a press statement on the occasion of 15 July National Unity and Democracy Day and warned the government.

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Felicity (Saadet) Party Vice President İlyas Tongüç, the problems will reach a solution by prescription of National Vision (Milli Görüş) movement, he said. 
"Turkey should blow the leaves then able to pass from the impact of the mind rooted in legal, political and institutional transformation must take place," he said.
Ankara Office
Felicity Party Deputy Chairman Ilyas Tongüç held the press conference over the US and Zionist Israeli-backed July 15 treacherous coup attempt on the third anniversary and gave his party's views on the public. 
In order to understand the July 15 treacherous coup attempt, Tongüç stated that the February 28 process should be understood. "During the February 28 process, the US foreign minister stressed the necessity of the overthrow of the Welfare-Road Government. and the developments have created an atmosphere of chaos in the country, and our country has been dragged into political, economic and legal difficulties. February 28 is not well understood today, we speak July 15",' he said.
Brought tears and persecution
Stating that the geography of the Middle East has been the target of the Crusaders for many years, Tongüç said that the West promises to bring democracy and freedom to these lands, but that it does nothing but persecution and tears. Tonguc for years, noting that continued the West's games on the territory of Turkey, "In our country, left-right fight for the creation of the political camps of the long years of turmoil and conflict, with thousands dying in the fratricidal strife of our young people has been a part of the internal controlling target enters the last century racist imperialism" he said.


"We all know the West is behind the scenes of the treacherous coup attempt, who wanted to seize the country on the night of July 15, soldiers, security and the nation's great sacrifice was eliminated." Tongüç continued: "It has been revealed today that Western countries have supported this treacherous attempt. This structuring is a puppet. There is the US, Israel, Zionism, racist imperialism! Undoubtedly, this bloody junta movement attempted coup, the nation's bullet, shelling bombs to the Assembly should be asked account. If we cannot put forward the real aspects of July 15th today, even after 50 years, we have not fully understood the issue."


"Turkey should leave after that blow, blow the mind can not be rooted through the legal, political and institutional transformation must take place. Precautions should be taken to prevent moral and moral destruction. It should abolish practices such as the Istanbul Convention, which will shake the family, which is the foundation of society. It must restore the sense of justice and trust in society. It should save the economy from interest and turn it into a production economy. It should use our resources for employment and avoid waste and ensure a fair distribution of national income. When we reach our goals in a New World, we believe that the events causing the coup and coup will be eliminated by itself and we continue our efforts to achieve these goals.."


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