Saadet deputy reacts to the ruling: Poverty leads to suicide

Saadet deputy reacts to the ruling: Poverty leads to suicide
Date: 8.11.2019 12:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Konya Member of Parliament Abdulkadir Karaduman criticized the AKP's economic policy through four brothers who committed suicide because of a lack of livelihood in Istanbul's Fatih district.

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Saadet Party Konya Deputy Abdulkadir Karaduman made a speech in the Parliament about the four brothers who committed suicide in Fatih because of a lack of livelihood.
Karaduman, who wished mercy to the brothers who committed suicide in his speech in the Assembly, said: "Yesterday, four brothers committed suicide because of poverty. First of all, I wish them mercy from Allah," he said.
Stressing that the society is in great economic difficulties in livelihoods lead to suicide, Karaduman said, "However, it should be remembered that suicide is a heavy accusation directed at the rest of the people."


Karaduman said that the optimistic picture drawn by the AKP government in the economy is incompatible with the reality of the citizen," he said.
In his speech in parliament, the AKP government interest and annuity-oriented economic policies that caused the profound poverty in Turkey also transfer Karaduman, "the growth rate of the lion's share of a country is that the state itself policies whichever sector. Today's leading sectors are banking and construction sectors. This means that the state policy is interest and rent policy. In this case, the perpetrators of the lives we sacrificed poverty are not those who maintain the order of interest and renters rather than provide justice in income distribution".


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