Saadet leader Karamollaoglu: "Troubles are clear, but no one sees!"

Saadet leader Karamollaoglu: "Troubles are clear, but no one sees!"
Date: 24.12.2018 14:00

Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu attended the Konya Provincial Meeting.

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Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu came together with industrialists, businessmen and organizations in Konya as part of a series of programs. Meeting with the industrialist businessmen and sector representatives at breakfast, Karamollaoğlu attended the extended provincial council meeting of the Konya provincial organization. 
Karamollaoglu expressing that injustice, corruption, wasting and troubles are certain, but these can not be seen by the ruling, he said.
Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, Turkey was an important assessment of the world agenda. Karamollaoğlu attention should be aware of the games played in Turkey, "National Vision has produced this game and always looking at the big picture policy. The people of Konya know National Vision very well. For the first time, Erbakan moved the people of Konya to Konya. No one hesitates, hopelessness, the remedy, the Saadet Party. This case will rise on the shoulders of young people." he said.
Karamollaoğlu said that the ruling board understood that education was a board, a sequence and a test. They are used to making policies without thinking. Because the thinking people question, the situation is uncomfortable. There are people who think about it, the brain drain is extremely. Now they're trying to get them back. But let them know that no one who does not think, does not come to question. But I hope our youth have a consciousness that will make us survive the era.
Today the problems of our country are certain, saying that Karamollaoğlu, "Injustice was overwhelmed. Corruption took a bribe and left his head. At the same time, in our country, merit was not given importance. Not given to business. We were in Sirnak last week. Sirnak has been destroyed. But nobody asks the power to account for it. Why it was like this. Because the dynamite of roads for years, how to see a government does not see the transport of bombs, does not receive? Without thinking, without doing the job to do everything according to their own heads, this is the result." he added.
Turkey's attention after 1950 became a state party for the first time Saadet Party Deputy Chairman Lutfi Yalman, "We know that Turkey is a survival issue. However, regardless of the cause of this problem, the evaluation will be wrong. When we look at everything in daily politics at the moment Turkey is seen as rosy. However, it does not, tradesmen, workers, citizens are crying blood. The most grieving reason for us here is that the scholars of this nation do not say the mistakes of their teachers. Saadet Party will always shout the truth in every condition in order not to be a dumb devil, he said.
Saad Party Secretary General Tacettin Çetinkaya said, "When the National Vision movement started in 1969, especially the parties performed great services to this country. It is not possible to describe them here. We, as National Vision, have made services as much as the investments made during the republic period in 4 years and 3 months. We have crowned our services with D-8. We never lose this consciousness and excitement as the Saadet Party."


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