Saadet Party: "The announcement of the raise regarding pensioners is far from seriousness"

Saadet Party: "The announcement of the raise regarding pensioners is far from seriousness"
Date: 24.8.2023 12:00

Saadet Party Deputy Chairman Prof. Dr. Sabri Tekir held a press conference at the headquarters of his party.

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Deputy Chairman Sabri Tekir, who held the weekly press conference at the Saadet Party Headquarters, made important determinations regarding the country's agenda.


Emphasizing that the AK Party government squandered economic resources with wrong investments, Tekir referred to President Erdoğan's statement on retirees.
"This attitude of the government is far from seriousness, sincerity and fairness. Until the government corrects this situation, what suffering will hundreds of thousands of people suffer; He will experience the sad feelings of not being able to buy even a small gift for his family, children and grandchildren. Where was the mind of the government, the economy management in July, why is it still expected? Most importantly, what is expected when there is to correct the mistake, injustice and oppression as soon as possible? Despite all these insistence, why is October 1 expected for the Parliament to step in? On October 1, a surprise amount of money will come to the state budget, is it expected? Does it suit our state to ignore this policy, this silence, which condemns retirees to live for 7 thousand 500 liras in the century of Turkey, with the slogan that the government loves so much on the 100th anniversary of our republic?" Tekir asked.


Referring to the danger of drugs, which has been on the agenda as one of the most serious problems of recent years, Tekir noted that families have become devastated because of the drug scourge.
Noting that the fight against drugs is carried out incompletely, Tekir said, "The seriousness of the fight against terrorism; The fight against drugs should be taken equally seriously. It cannot be solved by catching 3-5 street vendors and releasing them in a few months. The public has not been informed about how many tons of drugs were seized by our security forces on ships arriving at our ports. Here, the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs recently thanked Mr. Fidan and Erdoğan for releasing an Israeli prisoner who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for smuggling through Turkey. Those who have imprisoned hundreds of people for 6-7 years because they deposited money in the bank, sent their children to the classroom, those who have been dismissed, those who branded thousands of people as terrorists with concepts such as liaison and union, are releasing a drug smuggler who is in contact with drug dealers to normalize them with Israel."
Tekir stated that they will continue to voice the problems of the citizens together with the parliamentary group, the Presidency Council and the provincial and district presidencies.


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