Saadet Party asks ruling over 'Suicides' in Turkey

Saadet Party asks ruling over Suicides in Turkey
Date: 13.11.2019 14:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Konya MP Karaduman asked Family Minister Selçuk about recently, the increasing suicide in Turkey.

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The Felicity Party carried the recent suicides to Parliament. Felicity Party Konya Deputy Abdulkadir Karaduman carried the suicide cases in Istanbul and Antalya to the agenda of the Assembly with a written question proposal submitted to Family Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk.


Karaduman stated that the collective suicides in Istanbul and Antalya caused concerns about the possibility of new ones in the society. "Was there any social and economic support service provided to the families who committed suicide in Istanbul Fatih and Antalya?", Karaduman asked.
In the proposal the following question took place continued: "The number of households with an income continued its life below the hunger threshold in Turkey is it? What work is being done by your ministry to prevent suicide cases caused by poverty? The concept of new poverty refers to the poverty caused by different factors in the scientific literature, especially in the suburbs of big cities. In this direction, which projects do you implement to examine and prevent different types of poverty?


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