Saadet Party criticizes government over not taking action for Gaza

Saadet Party criticizes government over not taking action for Gaza
Date: 9.5.2024 11:00

At the weekly group meeting of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Group, Saadet Party Istanbul Deputy and Group Deputy Chairman Bülent Kaya stated that the government was late in the Gaza issue and drew attention to the cut in exports.

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A weekly group meeting of the Saadet-Gelecek Parliamentary Group was held. At the meeting, Saadet Party Istanbul Deputy and Group Deputy Chairman Bülent Kaya and Future Party Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu made a speech.
In his speech, Kaya drew attention to the attacks carried out by Israel in Gaza since October 7, and criticized the government's action after 7 months.


Stating that 7 months have passed since Israel's attacks, Kaya stated that Israel massacred all humanity and human values, as well as innocent people, and said, "The HAMAS leader, who lost his 3 children and grandchildren in these attacks, was also in Turkey. We offered our condolences to him and stated that we were with them in the Palestine cause. Therefore, for us, HAMAS is not a resistance movement that started on October 7, but one of the current flagbearers of the just struggle in those lands. We are HAMAS and HAMAS is us."


Regarding the cessation of trade with Israel by the Ministry of Commerce, Kaya underlined that the government took a late step and said, "We said that you are betraying both this nation and Palestine, until the March 31 election results came out and they hit the ballot box and had the opportunity to put their heads in their hands and think. In the first stage, they imposed export restrictions on 54 product groups. We supported this step, albeit late. Where were your minds when 35 thousand people were murdered in 7 months? We waited for an apology from the ruling MPs, especially our martyr MP Hasan Bitmez, on behalf of the chairmen of our parties and our organization members, but it was a futile wait. Then the President said, 'We stopped all imports and exports in order to force Israel to a ceasefire.' I need to say good morning."


Reminding that South Africa applied to the Court of Justice, Kaya stated that a few members of the ruling party from Turkey acted as if they were also involved.
"We said take legal action. Why do we express all these? We are the voice of this nation. If you do not take the necessary steps in a timely manner, there is no deterrent. Those in executive positions speak with their actions, not their words. If you just keep your word, Israel will continue to commit these massacres," Kaya added.


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