Saadet Party Deputy: "We need normalization"

Saadet Party Deputy: "We need normalization"
Date: 10.7.2019 14:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Deputy Chairman Yilmaz Bayat, has made important assessments concerning the problems experienced by Turkey.

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Felicity (Saadet) Party Deputy Chairman Yılmaz Bayat stated that the Presidential Government System should be revised and said, "The Presidential Office that will unite the country has evolved to a authority that polarizes, separates, marginalizes and antagonizes the country. Not only in practice, but also by law, the President of the party to be disconnected from the party should be placed in the condition should be put".
Felicity Party Deputy Chairman Yilmaz Bayat, made a significant assessment of the country's agenda in a press release. 
Bayat emphasized that the increasing polarization, especially the Presidential Government System, should be ended as soon as possible. 
Stating that the country is tired of the elections, Bayat said, "It is also regrettable that the same attitude is maintained even though the elections are over. This situation is the greatest evil to be done to our nation and our country. Political parties; not to make the people hostile to each other. They are established to serve the public better."


Bayat said that the Presidential Government System should be re-discussed. The fact that the President was the party leader was the biggest handicap of the elections. While the President should be the president of the Republic, that is, the nation of the total nation, embrace every individual, every thought and every belief, with the desire to win elections and, of course, as a 'party leader', he has prioritized the group to which his party belongs and insults and insults the rest of the nation. style. The presidency to unite the country evolved to a authority that polarized, segregated, marginalized and hostile the country. Not only in practice, but also by law, the president should be dismissed from the party with which the member should be removed. In this election we saw that all the ministers served in the elections as members of the ruling party and used the state facilities to the end. This was unfair for the other political parties participating in the election. This should be corrected with the new arrangement in the case of unfair and crooked".


Bayat, pointing out that there are dangerous developments in the region, including our country, said that the state and the nation has an important responsibility for the situation. Bayat said, "The most important power of a state is to be a society which is connected to its own culture and civilization and is proud of its nation, which has a high level of education and culture, respects other thoughts and opinions, is dominated by love, affection and tolerance and has learned to live together. Turkey needs to normalization at this point. I believe that the greatest duty and responsibility in this regard falls on the President. To be a society that produces knowledge and technology. To have a strong economy based on production. It is to have an army armed with its own weapon, with a high deterrent power and in harmony with its nation."


Bayat stated that there were partisanship in job purchases and that it harmed the youth. "Because the state has withdrawn from production to a great extent, the decline in agriculture and the private sector has not developed sufficiently in production, the job opportunity can only be found in the service sector, in government works and in municipalities. This cannot, of course, be a solution for preventing unemployment. However, while the recruitment of partisanship, the work is not given to the people partisan assignments, among young people, "I will read, I will develop myself, what will happen, do not see the torpedo is entering the work, the torpedo is rising" causes such ideas spread. This approach eliminates the importance of education for our young people. A significant number of our young people go to university only for military service and we risk the future of our children and of course the future of our country."


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