Saadet Party Istanbul mayoral candidate Gökçınar: "June 23 to be the National Opinion Day"

Saadet Party Istanbul mayoral candidate Gökçınar: "June 23 to be the National Opinion Day"
Date: 15.5.2019 13:00

Participating in the TV5 'Night Bulletin' program, Saadet Party's mayoral candidate for Istanbul Metropolitan Mr. Necdet Gökçınar made important statements about the June 23 elections.

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Giving noticeable statements about the canceled Istanbul elections in TV5 news program, Gökçınar stated that the cancellation decision of the YSK was against the law and reason.
Gökçınar stated that they were in favor of justice and right, and gave the following statements about the subject:
"Injustice here comes to mind the law, mind, logic, and I feel very sad for our country. We have a principle from the very beginning, no matter who the victims of this work are, this is not only our universal principle, but also who is oppressed. To be near him, to be opposite to anyone who is cruel is a human duty."
In the TV5 Night Bulletin, Gökçınar made important statements regarding the Istanbul elections, which were annulled by the YSK, and said that bribes and corruption will be abolished when he elected as mayor of Istanbul.
"Corruption means to fit the book," he said. Gökçınar, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of corruption and bribery will be completed in case of said.
Gökçınar stated that they would end the nationalism and stated that they would act with justice in the works to be done.
Gökçınar stated that in the AKP's municipalities, there is serious wastage in advertising and promotion items, and he added that the 'National Opinion Municipality would end up wasting and corruption.
Saying that the Saadet Party is an action party, Gökçınar stated that the manifesto of the June 23rd elections will be in the form of 'National Opinion and meeting with fair municipalism'.


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