Saadet Party Istanbul Youth Branch protests pro-gov't newspaper

Saadet Party Istanbul Youth Branch protests pro-govt newspaper
Date: 24.8.2020 15:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Provincial Youth Branch, protested pro-government newspaper Takvim's headline, after the US presidential candidates Joe Biden's statement about Turkey appeared.

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Saadet Party Youth Branch protested pro-government newspaper Takvim's headline against opposition leaders 'seven-month', after the US Presidental candidate Joe Biden's statement over Turkey
Many citizens participated in the protest that took place in front of the Takvim Newspaper. Making a statement in front of the newspaper, Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Youth Chairman Abuzer Taşkent made statements.
"Dear friends, journalism is a very serious profession. It has very serious responsibilities. Sometimes it is done at the risk of death in the middle of a war. Sometimes it is done by risking losing freedom during the most oppressive governments. Journalism should actually be carried out by intellectuals. Because by shining light in front of people, you get them the right information, and that sometimes requires a price. In our recent history, for example, Uğur Mumcu was unfortunately murdered by a bomb in his vehicle due to the disclosure of the network between the terrorist organization and Israel," Taşkent said.
"Of course, there are also so-called journalists who work as a hitman for those who use the media power as a weapon. One day they become leftist, one day nationalist, one day Islamist, one day secular and constantly change color, like a chameleon. But the only thing they haven't changed is their interests. They resort to all kinds of slander for this benefit. They display all kinds of immorality. Takvim newspaper affiliated with Turkuaz Media is one of them. Takvim Newspaper is a rag and this newspaper has put their dignity on sale for 1 TL only at newsstands on 20 August. It carried out a shameless and despicable attack against the opposition leaders of this country, especially our president," he added.


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