Saadet Party leader Karamollaoglu: "We want a livable Turkey"

Saadet Party leader Karamollaoglu: "We want a livable Turkey"
Date: 23.9.2021 12:00

Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu evaluated the agenda at the weekly regular press conference held at his party's headquarters.

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Reminding that the examination times of doctors who worked by making great sacrifices were shortened during the pandemic period, Karamollaoğlu emphasized that the government is the authority to produce solutions and drew attention to the fact that those who cannot produce a solution cannot benefit the society.
"As the patients could not be reached, the appointment times of our doctors began to be shortened. A doctor is obliged to see 12 patients in 1 hour. There's no way a doctor can handle it. If we continue to put pressure on our doctors, who are already working under difficult conditions, unfortunately, our doctors will continue to seek employment abroad," he said.


Pointing out that the duty of the government is to find solutions to the problems and to raise the living standards of the people, Karamollaoğlu called on the government to solve the problems, "The government only sees the numbers in an abstract way and boasting about it as a sign of success for itself. The state has to understand the problems of its students and solve their problems. Doesn't mean it doesn't concern me. Unfortunately, the citizen cries out when he is in trouble, and the government always says 'don't be ungrateful' as an answer. The duty of the government is to take measures to raise the living standards of the people," he said.


Reminding that the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, explained the toll fee for the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, not in Turkish Lira, but in Euros, Karamollaoğlu drew attention to the fact that the announcement of the announced figure as Euro was made to make it appear less as a unit price.
"New bridge prices are announced. Çanakkale Bridge crossing price is 15 Euros. Since they can't say 150 lira, it is said in Euros so that the figure appears small," he added.


Emphasizing that Turkey's per capita income is low, Karamollaoğlu gave an example of Merkel, who has been in power in Germany for years, "I am looking at Germany, one of the most developed countries in Europe. Merkel has been in power for years. But while she leaves power, she only stays in an apartment. We do not have the national income of Germany, but we live in palaces. Nowhere in the world is there a reign of cars like ours. When we say cars, they are not such low-budget cars, they are all luxury. How are you going to fix the economy like that? There is no end to the harm of waste on the economy. Once you have wasted, you have built a palace, then you continue to waste to keep the palace afloat. fear God, he said.


Karamollaoğlu stated that the government is indebted for the needs that should be given to the citizens but are not given.
"We owe a lot to our youth; While we are studying, we owe housing and scholarship opportunities. When they graduate, we have a duty to provide job opportunities. We owe our workers and employees the reward for their hard work. We owe those who are old enough to retire their pension rights, which are the rewards of their hard work. We want 'Livable Turkey'. And be sure; When 'Livable Turkey' is born, 'Great Turkey Again' comes to the agenda and then we set out to establish a 'New World'. Mr. President emphasized how important justice is at the UN. If a manager says 'how fair I am' but these words do not reflect the truth, then there will be a rebellion from below," he added


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