Saadet Party makes a press statement on the agenda

Saadet Party makes a press statement on the agenda
Date: 6.8.2023 07:00

Saadet Party Bursa Provincial Vice President Atty. Selman Gümüş made a press release last Friday about the incessant price hikes.

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A press release on the economy and the agenda came from the Bursa Provincial Presidency of the Saadet Party.
The press statement made on Friday, August 4, was made by Saadet Party Bursa Provincial Vice President Atty. Performed by Selman Gümüş.
Making evaluations about the economy, which is one of the important issues of the nation, Atty. Selman Gümüş made important statements about the recent financial policies of the government and the wages of municipal employees.


Gümüş, who criticizes the government about the hikes put on the back of the citizens.
"You started by making the biggest interest rate hike in the history of the Republic, right after the new head of the Central Bank took office. You didn't just raise the policy rate by 75%. You also increased taxes and fees between 50% and 228%. You have increased the registration fee of telephones purchased abroad from 6 thousand liras to 20 thousand liras. You have made life expensive, labor cheap, and the retired need help. Mentioning the high inflation, Gümüş said, “It is unacceptable that the lowest wages of our thousands of workers are 19,900 TL with a 42% increase. Because we do not accept that our brothers, who were paid 2.5 times the minimum wage in the past, are crushed in the face of inflation," he said.


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