Saadet Party Mayor Övün: "First thing we cut the waste taps"

Saadet Party Mayor Övün: "First thing we cut the waste taps"
Date: 26.9.2019 12:00

Ibrahim Guven, who elected as Saadet Party Pamukova Mayor in the 31st March Elections, told our newspaper about yesterday and today of Pamukova.

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İbrahim Güven Övün, a successful businessman in the pharmacy sector, started his political life as a candidate for Pamukova Mayor's office five years ago by becoming supporter of Pamukova Municipality in order to produce works that Pamukova people can use to produce solutions for Pamukova's problems. İbrahim Güven Övün, who was elected as the President, told Halit Soytürk about his work and the work they will do in Pamukova.
Pamukova Mayor voicing a different picture from that of the municipalities in Turkey Ibrahim Güven Övün, "We have a serious debt over municipalities. Loans from Iller Bank, unpaid debts to Finance and social security institution (SGK), excessive spending and wastes in the last three months to get the election caused us to encounter a debtor municipality. We took over Pamukova Municipality with 36 million debts. In order to cover 36 million debts, we cut the waste taps in the first place. Our first monthly rent of 13.175 TL, we canceled the contract of the vehicle and started to work by preventing waste such as promotional expenses," he said.


Mayor İbrahim Güven Övün explained the financial statement of Pamukova Municipality, which he took over with 36 million debts, "Our fiscal discipline and austerity measures of 5.5 months have revealed this picture. We paid 1,892,000 out of 3.100.000 to tradesmen, 10.236.472 from Social Security debt, 387.832.00 from debt, We paid 694,539 TL. We paid 3.070.269 TL from the old debt in the period of 5.5 months from the total debt of 36 million TL belonging to 31 March. Mayor Övün, "We give priority to the debts of our municipality to our tradesmen. In addition to this payment schedule, we also make our 6080 thousand expenses in advance for the services you provide to our Pamukova people in 5.5 months."


Mayor Övün says that Pamukova is a quince area. "Most of the quince produced in Turkey are produced in Geyve and Pamukova. As a municipality, we would like to introduce our local products and Ayva Festival in the most beautiful way. We have Ayva Festival on 19 and 20 October. We invite everyone to the Quince Festival on 19 and 20 October. We have a plateau culture in Pamukova. We are planning to build accommodation facilities in the plateaus to stimulate our plateau culture. We plan to build beautiful facilities and places in Pamukova where Istanbul and our guests can breathe on weekends."


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